5 things to know about Austin’s kitchen now: Iconic Ski Shores Cafe is reopening


Editor’s note: We understood. It can be hard to keep up with the fast pace of Austin’s restaurant and bar scene. We’ve got you covered with our regular roundup of essential food news.


Historic Lake Austin Fried Snack The Ski Shores cafe has reopened Wednesday, June 22, with all the classics – burgers, sandwiches, fried catfish, chicken fillets, and more. Now owned by McGuire Moorman Lambert Hospitality, it serves refreshing margs, beer, chilled wine and cocktails, to be enjoyed indoors, on the porch or on the lawn by the fire. This local staple has charmed lake-goers since 1954, but many reviewers are raising red flags about the prices. What could be more classic than the rise in prices?

Popular Seafood Trucks Lingonberry is on the move, settles in Still Austin Whiskey Co. for a July 2 opening. Two years after the truck opened, it’s expanding its service to include lunch and weekend brunch, with the latter starting in “a few weeks,” according to a statement. Some new menu items stray from seafood but embrace the Southern theme, including meatloaf patty melts and chili cheese dips. The truck will arrive early for a pop-up at a Pride party. June 25. Find more information about Still Austin Whiskey.

Other news and notes

Few talk about doing the right thing these days, but the Austin Hotel gives visitors a chance to stick out those little fingers and enjoy a cup of tea in style at “Good tea at Goldie’s.” The weekly event ($60) features cucumber sandwiches, egg salad canapes and French macaroons alongside a thoughtful tea selection in one of Austin’s most luxurious dining rooms. The Goldie’s cocktail bar is usually only open to hotel guests and residents, but the tea service welcomes any Austinites looking to treat themselves on Sundays. Book your tea spot on OpenTable.

Here’s one of life’s great mysteries: how can there be a three-course meal if one course never ends? Crucible, a national chain for fondue enjoyment, is looking to address that by reintroducing its endless entry through July 20, Monday through Wednesday. The three-course ($47) includes a salad and chocolate dessert fondue, with mains including herb-crusted chicken, Memphis-style rubbed pork, teriyaki-marinated steak and shrimp. A cheese fondue can be added for a fourth course. (And isn’t that the point?)

Hill Country’s sotol distillery, cool and laid back desert gate announced its third spirit in the Conservation series, which highlights important local news in conservation and land stewardship. This year’s spirit, Pollinator ($49.99), marks Austin’s recent status as “Bee City,” using mesquite, persimmon, and honeysuckle — all native Texas bee-pollinated plants. , explains the distillery in a press release. A product launch and fundraiser will be held July 6 for the distillery’s nonprofit, Wild Spirit Wild Places, ($50), where visitors can watch a video about the importance of bees and taste the new variety of sotol. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.


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