A first look at the new Banchory That Pancake Place cafe


Pancake fans rejoice as a new patisserie specialty cafe opens today in Banchory.

Known as That Pancake Place, the business is the brainchild of 31-year-old Charlotte Carter, who has always aspired to run her own cafe.

“I wanted to do something else before I bit the bullet and raise some money to settle down,” said Charlotte, who resides in the prosperous town.

“Covid-19 and the lockdowns made me reassess my priorities, so I set out to achieve my ambitions.”

Pancakes topped with Nutella, honeycomb and banana slices.

That Pancake Place is located on the High Street, the former premises of a bakery, gym, clothing store and ice cream parlour.

Before talking about food…

Charlotte scouted places to rent over the festive period last year and received the keys in June.

It took about three months to redevelop the space with a soft opening scheduled for this week.

There are approximately 20 covers with some outdoor seating, and the cafe will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.

“Banchory has a buzzing atmosphere and is a thriving environment for freelancers.
businesses,” Charlotte explains. “I saw the opportunity for a suitable store location.

“It’s a unique theme – we’re all about fluffy buttermilk pancakes, both savory and sweet. We want to share our love of pancakes with everyone.

Charlotte has three full-time employees in place to help customers and orders, as well as four additional part-time employees over the weekend.

“All About Pancakes”

Pancakes will be at the center of all the dishes available at That Pancake Place.

Here are examples of menu items:

  • Stack of traditional smoked and streaked bacon with pure maple syrup
  • Full Scottish breakfast served with a pancake
  • Smoked salmon and mashed avocado on a crepe
  • Raspberry pancakes, white chocolate sauce and hazelnuts
  • A stack of classic blueberry pancakes and blueberry lime sauce served with cream or ice cream

Customers can also order barista coffees to enjoy with their appetizing dish.

Charlotte said: “Crepes are a staple that has been served around the world for centuries. He is so versatile. Whether savory or sweet, their appeal is universal.

“I haven’t met a person who doesn’t appreciate a pancake with its chosen filling!”

This cafe, team and menu of Pancake Place

The exterior of That Pancake Place
In front of the new café in Banchory.
A stack of pancakes with yogurt, oats, raspberries and blueberries
This dish is called the Super Food Stack on the That Pancake Place menu.
Two staff members wearing aprons
Sam Buckley and Amy Smith are part of the team.
A coffee and a muffin from That Pancake Place
Coffee and a muffin.
A coffee machine pouring coffee
Barista coffees will also be available to order.
A coffee cake
A freshly baked cake.
That Pancake Place lounge area
There are 20 place settings with additional outdoor seating.
Banana pancakes and chocolate spread
Pancakes will feature in all cafe dishes.
Charlotte standing outside That Pancake Place
Charlotte outside That Pancake Place.
A sign that reads "This Pancake Place-cafe-banchory"
The establishment opened its doors today.
Homemade pastries are also available.
Outside the cafe.

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[A first look of new Banchory cafe That Pancake Place]



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