A gluten-free cafe has just opened in Port Coquitlam’s new plaza


You can enjoy pastries and coffee at Port Coquitlam’s brand new patio behind the community center near downtown.

An open-air shopping center without vehicles?

This is what Port Coquitlam has created with the development of Montrose Square, which adjoins the new Terry Fox Hometown Square on Kelly Avenue, just behind the Port Coquitlam Community Center (PCCC).

And lucky traders who have rented or purchased space in the development have the luxury of dealing with a more relaxed clientele who have left their vehicles parked free at the PCCC’s massive parking garage.

For the exterior, Port Coquitlam’s newest cafe overlooking Terry Fox Square is a patio, where people can sip coffee, grab a snack, and people watch.

“It’s such a great place,” said Ali Picco, spokesperson for Delish Gluten-Free Bakery, who on Thursday (June 2) was serving customers at Caffé Delish, the bakery’s new venture, which just opened. this week.

On one of the hottest days of the season, several patrons relaxed over lattes and tea at small tables set outside, while opposite them in the square, the The Port Coquitlam Farmers Market held its opening day.

Owner Jenna Fidanza already owns the popular Delish Gluten-Free Bakery at 203-I730 Coast Meridian Rd.and decided to open a cafe so more people could enjoy the treats they love, such as bars, brownies and scones, which are gluten-free.

Fidanza’s love for baking began at a young age, and as she grew and gained experience, she eventually began making her own products.

She looked for ways to help her grandmother find better alternatives for her condition – hence her gluten-free goal.

The cafe is one of many new businesses that have opened in Montrose Square, a mixed-use development that also includes townhouses and, when completed, a 2,000 square foot. indoor playground by Port Coquitlam business Orca Coast Playgrounds Ltd.

Other new businesses in development include Angie Hair Design, Rasa Flow Yoga, Ilu’s Convenience snack bar, which also offers frozen treats, Sunfire Pizzeria and Nest Yah, which sells household items, many of which are imported from Japan, including Hario coffee and tea supplies, as well as locally made art, decorative items and soap.

Nest Yah is owned by Sabrina Sun, an interior designer, and the upcoming opening is Koza Skin Clinic.

It’s rare for an outdoor mall to be vehicle-free, and while drive-in shopping is rare, owners told the News from the three cities by word of mouth that more people pass.

Plus, many businesses, including Delish, already have a customer base, many of them because they started online before opening a brick-and-mortar store.

That could probably help the Port Coquitlam Farmers’ Market, which is already a huge draw for locals and visitors alike, which runs Thursdays from 3-7 p.m., through Sept. 29 and, also, dozens of families filter into the region as they participate in PCCC activities.


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