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Speedcafe.com, the world’s leading independent motorsport news site, is ready for the next exciting phase of its development with a new ownership structure.

A majority stake in Speedcafe.com, including torquecafe.com, networkcafe.com.au and jobstop.com has been purchased by an investment group led by Queensland-based IT pioneer Karl Begg.

Begg took a 45% stake, with well-regarded Brisbane-based business identities Richard Gresham and Robert Gooley, who also have strong ties to the motorsport and automotive industries, each holding 17.5%.

The original founder and sole owner, Brett ‘Crusher’ Murray, will retain a 20% share of the business and continue as a day-to-day advisor and ambassador.

Begg, 36, was co-founder of DynamicOdds and became chief technology officer at BetMakers when his company was purchased by the ASX-listed company in 2018.

Begg has a personal passion for motorsport and is the owner of Motorsportsales.com.au, which will now be revamped and run by the Speedcafe.com group of entities.

Nathan Cayzer of Cayzer Management Pty Ltd, senior director of motorsport sponsorship and former Adelaide 500 boss, has been brought in as commercial director.

The sites’ award-winning editorial team will remain unchanged, but the new investments and IT knowledge will open up huge content opportunities for fans and increased returns for the sites’ loyal group of platinum partners.

“Speedcafe.com is one of the strongest motorsport brands in the world and we have enjoyed its year-over-year growth,” Begg said.

“A great job has been done to build the brand and reputation of Speedcafe.com in the market and upholding those two things will be high on our agenda going forward.

“We look forward to ensuring the continued editorial independence and integrity of Speedcafe.com while delivering a series of technical advancements that will enhance the experience for fans and our business partners.

“We look forward to bringing together a group of talented technical experts who will fit seamlessly into existing editorial teams and new management teams.

“He’s been Crusher’s baby since day one and we appreciate him still being part of the ownership group and for his enthusiasm for what lies ahead.”

Murray, who launched Speedcafe.com in October 2009, said today’s announcement was a milestone in the site’s history.

“It’s been a fantastic journey and the future of the business and the brand couldn’t be in better shape,” Murray said.

“Karl and his team have an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in the IT and online space and it helps that they have a passion for motorsport and are long time fans and readers. Speedcafe.com date.

“When they approached me about a possible sale, it was uncomplicated and came with a genuine passion for the sport and respect for what we had built.

“The process couldn’t have been easier and I think it’s a great indication of how Karl runs his business and what lies ahead for the site.

“There’s a huge responsibility in owning an entity like Speedcafe.com and making sure it’s as independent as possible. It has to provide fans and corporate partners with something they can’t get anywhere else.

“I personally look forward to working with Karl and the new ownership group on transitioning into the next phase of the business, which I believe will provide our loyal fan base with even more reasons to join us every day.

“I have to thank all of our Platinum Partners, some of whom have been with us since day one, for their incredible loyalty and commitment and I’m delighted to say that many of them have already signed on ahead of schedule for 2023 and beyond. of the.

“I must thank all of our current and previous editors and executives who have all played a role in helping Speedcafe.com reach a point where it delivers to fans and provides an increasingly attractive return to the corporate landscape.

“Forward and upward.”

In the meantime, the look and feel of Speedcafe.com remains unchanged and fans will discover exciting new features in the coming months.


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