Aldi launches Patrón XO coffee-inspired coffee liqueur for £15.99


Discount supermarket chain Aldi has apparently capitalized on the much-lamented discontinuation of Patrón XO coffee with the launch of its own tequila-based coffee liqueur priced at just £15.99.

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Patrón announced last year that its popular XO coffee would be discontinued, much to the dismay of legions of coffee liqueur fans.

Indeed, when the news broke, fans took to the internet to craft an online petition urging the tequila giant to rethink its plans to permanently close XO Cafe.

Perhaps taking advantage of the potential gap in the brand left behind after XO coffee’s demise, discount supermarket Aldi has launched its own tequila-based coffee liqueur, El Toro Coffee Liqueur.

Priced at £15.99, it looks like the Phrase will undercut major market rivals, perhaps luring customers amid the growing cost of living crisis.

Images of the bottle appear to show that El Toro coffee liqueur has 35% alcohol and comes in a 70cl black bottle adorned with an image of an agave field and the message “made in Mexico”.

The coffee liqueur is set to hit stores on August 21, and if the brand’s major product launches (especially those that offer budget alternatives to high-end expressions) in the past are anything to go by, these will fly off the shelves.

Aldi is also recruiting an official beer taster to taste its new range of craft beers. To learn more about this particular dream job, click here.


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