Amtrak Launches New Cafe Menu on Northeast Corridor and Long Distance Trains


Amtrak has announced new cafe menus offering reduced prices for select items on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) and long-distance trains, starting August 17.

In response to customer feedback, the train company offers fresh, high-quality produce for its breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Travelers will see 30% more options, such as hot meals, snacks, salads, sandwiches, light bites, a significant increase in vegan offerings, and new non-alcoholic beverages.


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Some of the new or discounted menu items include:

—Breakfast: Bialy egg sandwich, bacon and cheese egg bites and mango seasonal fruit.

—Lunch and dinner: smoked turkey and havarti sandwich, bowl of vegan Asian noodles and vegan blue corn tamale.

—Snacks: raw vegetables, dried beef and pistachios.

—Beverages: pomegranate juice and new selections of hot and iced coffees.

Amtrak has also reduced the price of sandwiches and salads on all Acela and Northeast Regional trains for savings between $0.50 and $1.50. In addition, prices have remained the same for the majority of food and beverages on board.

“Making changes to our menu based on customer feedback reflects Amtrak’s commitment to improving their travel experience because passengers know we listen to their requests for improvement,” said the vice president of operations and of Amtrak customer services, Robert Jordan.

“In this time of rising costs, we are proud to offer our customers high quality items on our menu at discounted prices,” continued Jordan.

The redesigned menus will be available on all Amtrak trains along the Northeast Corridor, such as Acela, Northeast Regional, Vermonter and Ethan Allen Express, as well as long-distance trains such as Capitol Limited, Cardinal and California Zephyr.

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