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In September, Cafe 1822 officially opened at the Sandridge Student Center. Owners Chuck and Angie Clark opened C&A Catering in 2006 and worked in the restaurant business for many years prior.

With C&A, the Clarks host events such as weddings, corporate breakfasts, holidays, and other special events. Cafe 1822 allows them to reach a new population of diners right in the heart of the historic Athens State Campus.

“Coffee is something everyone can relate to, and 1822 is the year the college was founded, which is tied to the community and the college,” Angie said. “We want people in the community to know they can come; it’s not just open to people on campus. We want to be a vital part of the community.

Their menu features dishes such as salads and sandwiches, burgers, chicken fillets, catfish, and shrimp baskets.

Prior to C&A Catering, Chuck was a kitchen manager at the US Space and Rocket Center. This is where the Executive Chef took him under his wing and learned a lot about catering.

He went on to say that he “thought to himself, ‘I can do this’ and I really like doing things, being creative” and finding ways to make simple foods more appealing and appetizing.

After Chuck’s father died, they converted a screened porch into a catering kitchen and branched out into C&A Catering.

“We have just been so blessed, and at every step the Lord has opened the door,” Angie said of adding Cafe 1822 to her business model 16 years after C&A Catering launched.

From the beginning of the process to open the cafe, the State of Athens has supported the Clarks every step of the way by making necessary adjustments to the space to meet health department codes.

As Chuck and Angie get their bearings in the coming months, the community may see adjustments to menu offerings as they receive information about what the community needs in a restaurant.

As the community prepares for the holidays, Chuck and Angie will be offering holiday meal plans, with information available in the coming weeks.

“In about a week we’ll have some information on holiday meal plans and what will be available and details on that as it seems to be something a lot of people are looking for,” Angie explained.

To visit Cafe 1822, exit Pryor Street in the parking lot next to Sanders Hall and enter the Sandridge Student Center. For more information, visit the C&A Catering Facebook page.


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