Cinnamoroll Pop-Up at Kumoya Orchard Central: Cafe Among the Clouds


2022 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Cinnamoroll (Japanese: シナモロール), a plump white pup with floppy ears and curly-tailed blue eyes who descended from the sky. And the Cinnamoroll pop-up cafe at Kumoya Orchard Central will be available for less than two months as part of an anniversary collaboration.

Resembling a fluffy little cloud or a cinnamon roll (or rather a mantou!), Cinnamoroll, created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 2001, is known for its colorful adventures with its friends Chiffon, Moka, Espresso, Cappuccino and Little Milk.

Kumoya Orchard Cinnamoroll Cafe

At Kumoya Orchard’s pop-up Cinnamoroll Cafe, guests can enjoy an inspired, time-limited Japanese-Western fusion menu featuring six snacks, five main courses, three cake and waffle desserts, and ten beverages.

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Curated and styled by Shirley Wong (Little Miss Bento) in conjunction with the kitchen team at Kumoya, Singapore’s oldest award-winning cafe specializing in themed pop-up cafes. Kumoya’s culinary philosophy is all about inclusiveness and fun for families and friends to enjoy new kawaii and special experiences.

Cinamoroll Universe

Stepping into the café’s light pastel interior of pinks and blues gives rise to soothing and calm vibes, with hanging clouds and Cinamoroll Universe objects creating a rather charming ambiance with harmonious and airy hues giving the impression of being among the clouds.

There are Cinnamoroll and Friends of Cinamoroll Universe prints on a main wall, on the dining tables, decorating the glass windows and on large cylindrical lamps while soft and cuddly soft toys accompany each table as dining companions on square.

For a special celebratory event or gathering, there is a private room offering a different Japanese tatami seating option. To complete this delightful experience, a small photo corner near the entrance invites guests to pose and take pictures.

Cinnamoroll Pop-up Cafe at Kumoya Orchard Central Menu


Floating Cloud Vanilla Frappé ($13.90)

Cinnamoroll Pop-up Cafe at Kumoya Orchard Central Menu

Attention milkshake lovers! Topped with a rainbow marshmallow roll and given a festive feel of garlands of shiny blue balls and flakes atop a generous swirling cloud of whipped cream, this cold, rich, creamy drink with clouds of cream modeling its column of milky blue sky has hints of vanilla making it a deliciously fresh and pretty treat for hot sunny days. Caffeine-free with a slight hint of sweetness, another flavor, Floaty Cloud Strawberry Frappe ($13.90), is also available for a fruitier pink alternative.

Cinnamoroll Hot Chocolate ($11.90+)

Cinnamon hot chocolate

Creamier and cocoaier, it’s a frothy, milky cup of tea with a chocolaty aroma topped with a latte art image of two tiny characters, Cinnamoroll and Mocha floating among the clouds, which begs the quote from the first whenever he is happy. , “It tastes like my favorite Cinnamon Roll!”

Cutie Fluffy Cinnamoroll Yuzu Soda ($16.90+)

At least three other tables were having fun with this Instagrammable, bright, light blue concoction topped with a big cloud of white cotton candy, in the shape of Cinnamoroll’s head. What we haven’t tried, for fans of the fizzy, aromatic, sweet and sour, lemony fizzy drink, it looks like a popular combination of yuzu and soda, plus a cute and magical factor when the cotton candy gets dissolves in a wisp.


Chicken Karaage with Garlic Soy Glaze ($15.90+)

Karaage Chicken with Garlic Soy Glaze

From the selection of seafood, cheese and potato snacks, we chose the ultra-crispy and exceptionally tasty chicken karaage served with a honey, soy and garlic sauce for dipping. Fried golden-brown bite-sized pieces of tender, juicy goodness resting on crisp lettuce leaves and sprinkled with seaweed shreds, pack a punch! While the dip was a delicious addition, some Japanese mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon juice would have added another kick to this delicious chew!


Let’s Fly Cinnamoroll Japanese Salmon Croquette Cream Rice ($26.90+)

Let's Fly Cinnamoroll

The plating was designed to please with a fluffy figure of Japanese Cinnamoroll rice sitting on a round cake of crispy Japanese salmon croquette, surrounded by a pool of butterfly pea flower cream. Served with a fresh salad, slices of truly kawaii cloud-shaped Japanese kamaboko fishcake, and punched cheddar cheese and carrot hearts, the whole arrangement was the most enjoyable part of the experience.

Let's Fly Cinnamoroll Japanese Salmon Croquette Cream Rice

Fried and breaded, crumbled salmon, sweet corn and chives. the croquette is a tasty bite. Slightly crispy on the outside but firm in shape so that each piece is coated in the creamy sauce with its hint of mushroom flavor and goes great with rice, the salmon patty without a strong fishy flavor would be popular with kids and adults.

The short grain Japanese rice shaped into a little Cinnamoroll was so adorable we were reluctant to tuck it in, but when we finally cut the ball of sweetness it tasted so good with its softness, shine and pleasant fragrance that defines a quality rice.

The dish was quite a visual treat put together to add an accent of flavor and colors to the taste.

Fun with Friends Cold Udon with Sesame Sauce and Assorted Tempura ($26.90+)

Fun with Friends Cold Udon with Sesame Sauce and Assorted Tempura

We opted for the vegetarian version – enoki, shitake mushrooms and orange sweet potato slices paired with a creamy, creamy Japanese Goma Dare sesame dip with a slight hint of spice.

The bowl of boiled and chilled thin Japanese udon topped with Japanese kelp, shredded carrot spirals, naruto maki and clouds of kawaii blue kamaboko fish cake, was served with a side dish of light citrus dip .

Large crunchy pieces of assorted tempura vegetables nicely arranged in a small basket were chosen with small prints of Chiffon and Espresso, two friendly Cinnamoroll puppies. With every hot bite, the batter-coated fried mushrooms were crunchy shards of flavorful mushroom meat and the diagonally sliced ​​sweet potato has that lovely sweet pumpkin flavor and beautifully soft texture inside. All main courses have vegetarian options.

Other main dishes in the repertoire are Fluffy Dreamland Japanese Seafood Curry Rice ($28.90+), Flying Clouds Cinnamoroll Cheese Burger ($25.90+) and Hippie Happy Cinnamoroll Carbonara Smoked Duck Pasta ($24.90+)

Desserts weren’t available when we visited but the waffle and cake offerings sound appealing to us to make another date with Cinnamoroll!

Cinnamoroll pop-up cafe tour at Kumoya Orchard

This latest character theme will especially resonate with fans of Sanrio characters for a fun dining experience.

We walked away with some lovely takeaways such as free special edition Cinnamoroll paper coasters to go along with drink orders and checked the merchandise corner for additional purchases by customers who can’t get enough of Cinnamoroll!

Where: Kumoya @ Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #04-08, Singapore 238896
Daily hours: 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (last order 8:30 p.m.) (Online reservations available and drop-in drop-in.)
Price range: $11.90 to $28.90 with a minimum order of 1 item per person.
Not Halal Certified, Muslim Friendly – No Pork, No Lard and No Alcohol.

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