Colly Cafe Too Good To Go bag review for a £3 bargain


An hour and a half to collect a Too Good To Go bag sounds a bit ridiculous, right?

But although I live in Dundee it is important to me to showcase all that is on offer in the Tayside and Fife area.

That’s why this week’s bag took me on a two hour round trip to Glenrothes.

Would I usually travel this far to save money? No.

However, for those who live in and around the area, a five-minute road trip for a saving may be worth it.

Having never traveled this far for a bag, I was hoping the Colly Cafe at the Collydean Community Center on Torphins Avenue would live up to it.

Collydean Community Center and The Colly Cafe.

The café is located next to the center and is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. You’ll find everything from soups to light bites, teas, coffee and sweets to savor.

I booked my bag on Monday to collect it on Tuesday afternoon between 2-3pm and was asked to wait inside the cafe while they prepared my bag.

cafe colly
My Too Good To Go bag from The Colly Cafe.

The Colly Cafe also offers a takeaway service and while I waited I had a great view of the open kitchen where staff can be seen preparing meals.

After only five minutes, I was handed a white bag containing the items I avoided throwing away.

What was in my Too Good To Go bag?

After a 45-minute drive home, I found two containers – one with lentil soup and the other with ground meat, mashed potatoes and peas – and other items in my bag.

There were two jars of raspberry jelly, a mini chocolate roll, an apple and a clementine.

The hash was more than enough for a meal for one, and I devoured the mini roll as soon as I walked in as I was pretty hungry from the trip.

In my bag.

General Item Pricing

I estimated the value of the items based on the regular Colly Cafe online menu as there was no price tag on them.

The total savings are below:

  • 1 x mince flour, mash and peas: £6
  • 1 x homemade lentil soup: £1.50
  • 2 x jars of jelly: £2
  • 1 x mini roll: £1
  • 1x apple: 15p
  • 1x clementine: 15p

Total bag cost: £3

Total cost of goods: £10.80

Total Savings: £7.80

The mince, the mash and the peas.

Was it worth the trip to the Colly Cafe?

I think saving £7 is a decent amount for items that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Although my personal aim is to sift through as many bags as possible in the Tayside and Fife area, traveling two hours for one by car is not very climate friendly. However, it would be a great saving for someone who lives locally.

I haven’t received any ingredients to make an interesting meal this week, but maybe next time I’ll have another surprise.

cafe colly
Jelly pot inside the bag.

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[The Colly Cafe Too Good To Go bag review for a £3 bargain]



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