Cristina Celestino’s Exotic Palace Immersive Café at Maison&Objet 2022


During Maison&Objet fall 2022, Cristina Celestino created an elegant restaurant where visitors could converse, dine and relax, called Palais Exotique. The architect-turned-designer was voted designer of the year by the show and was inspired by the city for her Parisian café. The temporary installation transported visitors to a peaceful setting of exotic beauty, love for decoration and passion for colors.

I am very proud to be elected designer of the year by Maison&Objet,‘ begins Cristina Celestino in an interview with designboom at the 2022 show. ‘I am also very happy that I was offered the opportunity to design this project. It is significant that an Italian designer is selected by a French salon. This is all the more so since my work has always had a strong link with this country.

Cristina Celestino created the Palais Exotique as an elegant bistro, tea room and restaurant

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Having studied and started his career as an architect, Cristina Celestino has ventured into interior design, home furnishing and even with fashion brands such as FENDI. She started her own practice in 2013, dedicated to her personal design philosophy that interacts the history of French art and the Italian Renaissance with the present. The results bridge the era to offer luxurious pieces of today.

Cristina Celestino's Exotic Palace Immersive Café at Maison&Objet 2022
The temporary installation transported visitors to the fair into a peaceful setting of beautiful, colorful decoration

The Exotic Palace was inspired by the city of Home&Object. A Parisian café from the past has been brought up to date with contemporary touches. The space – bistro, tea room and restaurant depending on the time of day – offered visitors to the show the opportunity to connect in a pleasant and peaceful setting away from the commercial aspect.

I chose to design a restaurant but Maison&Objet gave me the freedom to design a different space, whether it be a work space or an exhibition space. Coffee has no commercial distinction. Unlike the rest of the fair, the products are put into context rather than on display. People can sit, have conversations and enjoy a more luxurious experience inside the floor,‘ explains the creator.

Cristina Celestino's Exotic Palace Immersive Café at Maison&Objet 2022
A Parisian cafe from the past has been updated with contemporary touches

The perimeter as well as the interior space dividers of the restaurant used hand-woven architectural furniture by Ames. Crafted from natural fibers, the German-Colombian brand’s designs are also used as decorative wall art in a passionately bright yellow. A coffee table designed by Celestino for Ames furnishes the space along with other brand collaborations by the designer.

Cristina Celestino's Exotic Palace Immersive Café at Maison&Objet 2022
Products designed by Celestino furnish the café, from the Ames coffee table to the Moooi Aldora sofa

The restaurant presents several of my creations for different brands. This includes the Corolla armchair and the Frisée chair for Billiani which uses upholstery color combinations for the seats. The Moooi Aldora sofa has a geometry inspired by the Italian Renaissance while there is also a sofa, Parterre, which I designed for Quinti. All the furniture works together in this luxurious setting,‘ said Cristina Celestino to designboom at Maison&Objet fall 2022.

Other collaborations are presented in context at the Parisian café. The Corolla and Frisée armchair by Billiani, whose designer has served as artistic director since 2019, highlighted her creative ethos that balances a sleek and fun aesthetic. The products also showed his use of different materials and craftsmanship. Selected fabrics from Dedar add mixtures of textures and colors to the space. The quinti The Parterre sofa, the Moooi Aldora sofa, the Attico vases and many other pieces accentuated the beauty, decoration and color of the Exotic Palace.


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