Did my Bonobo Cafe Too Good To Go bag disappoint or satisfy?


Bonobo Cafe has established itself as one of the go-to restaurants for those craving vegan cuisine in Aberdeen.

Before I recently picked up a Too Good To Go bag, I knew the dishes looked the part. I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

Anyone who’s taken a look at the company’s social media platforms will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The vegan cafe, based on Skene Street, serves an eclectic and eye-catching array of sweet and savory delights ranging from fries, salads, stews, soups and sandwiches to smoothie bowls, milkshakes and homemade pastries.

For far too long I’ve been eager to try a range of vegan menu items and ingredients – the first that comes to mind is tofu.

Browsing through my Too Good To Go app out of the blue on one of my walks home last week, I spotted a mystery bag available at Bonobo Cafe. It was fate.

I stopped to pick it up and, before I knew it, I finally tasted the coffee offer.

What I got my hands on…

The first thing I noticed was the aroma of the contents. It was so enticing, to say the least.

I narrowed down the options and knew one of the flavors was garlic but wasn’t sure about the others. They were a delight none the less.

Three items had been neatly stored inside.

Considering I hadn’t eaten my supper yet and one of the products was producing steam, I decided to go with this one.

Scrambled tofu and garlic mushrooms.

Inside the warm circular tub were two ingredients, one being one of my favorite foods – grilled mushrooms.

I smiled and pushed my fork straight down. They were garlic mushrooms that had been cooked to perfection, turning out juicy and intensely flavorful.

Now was the time to try the other ingredient. My first thought was scrambled eggs, but quickly realized that was impossible – Bonobo Cafe being strictly vegan.

I’m always up for trying new things, so I gave it a go.

The sandwich.

The texture was the same as scrambled eggs but a bit grainier and more crumbly. After microwaving it for a short time, it improved the texture and made the mixture softer.

One criticism – it needed more seasoning. “That” being the scrambled tofu. In my opinion, that would have really elevated the ingredient.

The next item was a half sandwich. The filling was colorful and there was plenty of it too.

Strawberry streusel cake.

Contents included homemade seitan pastrami (vegan pastrami), pickled pink onions, lettuce, grain mustard, and garlic mayonnaise.

In the case of the sandwich, it certainly wasn’t lacking in flavor and every ingredient came together well.

At this point, I thought I had been treated to three savory dishes. However, the last box contained not one but two pieces of strawberry streusel cake.

The cake itself was a bit dense, but the strawberries tasted fresh and that crispy breadcrumb coating was a triumph.

The three items inside my Too Good To Go bag.

General item prices:

I couldn’t determine the exact price of an item I slipped into my Bonobo Cafe Too Good To Go bag – only because the:

  • Tofu Scramble and Garlic Mushrooms are not on the menu
  • The sandwich had been halved
  • The cost of homemade pastries varies by item

However, I found that garlic mushrooms alone cost £1.60 to add to a side breakfast or lunch.

Inside the Bonobo cafe.

Also, according to the Bonobo Cafe website menu, one of the sandwich options would set you back £7.90.

Taking this into account, it is safe to say that a significant saving would have been made.

Was it worth it?

I am proud to say that I have finally tried and tested a few products from Bonobo Cafe.

Some of the textures were a bit off for me, but they had been placed in Too Good To Go bags after all, so I shouldn’t complain. And overall, I enjoyed them.

It’s much better for me to get into the dishes than to throw them in the trash.

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[Did my Too Good To Go bag from Bonobo Cafe disappoint or satisfy?]



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