Erin Ireland opens vegan bakery and cafe To Live For


Plant-based pastry is in the spotlight.

After nine years in the business, fans of Erin Ireland and her famous vegan banana bread received amazing news yesterday, June 2, when she announced that her business To Live For will be opening a bakery and cafe in plant base on Nanaimo and Grant later this summer.

In the jubilant Instagram post, she shows off the large space at 1508 Nanaimo which is currently under construction with 14ft ceilings and plenty of room for her expanding operation and a small cafe storefront. She also shares plans for her future menu which includes a dairy-free soft serve developed in partnership with Salvatore Boccarossa of Passione Gelato, and custom-made, take-out cakes.

Other standard coffee pastries like muffins, scones, and cinnamon rolls that pair well with coffee and espresso will also be offered alongside treats (including some hard-to-make vegan ones) like brownies, croissants, sourdough bread and Nanaimo bars.

Previously, Ireland’s menu was limited to around half a dozen items that could be ordered online to be picked up on the sidewalk or sold at other cafes across British Columbia. She herself has stated that she is rigorous in her recipe testing and will only release new products when she is certain they are perfect if not better than their non-vegan counterparts, so the new additions are very exciting.

In a longer advert shared on the To Live For site, Ireland reveals that it has been passively looking for space for eight years and that this new development tucked away in a residential area was the perfect fit. Located just off 1st Avenue, she thinks it’s also a convenient stopover from the North Shore, the Tri-Cities and the Fraser Valley.

Ireland plans to keep the interior design light and airy with minimalist touches but a few cozy nooks for lounging. She also plans to have glass dividing walls between the cafe and the kitchen so customers can watch the decorated cakes and a large wall-mounted countdown timer that lets people know when the next batch of bread is coming. bananas out of the oven.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, people can expect to see regular build updates and hits on Irish social media as she promises to keep everyone updated on their progress and plans for the future.


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