FIKA Dundee cafe owner closes premises to focus on his health and his family


Despite overcoming the challenges of opening FIKA Dundee during the pandemic, owner Charlotte Kay has decided to step away from the hospitality industry.

After launching the cafe in October 2020, Charlotte found out she was pregnant with her first child in November.

His decision to close the venue ultimately came after months of poor health after catching the coronavirus twice.

She has also been under the pressure of juggling her business and motherhood and feels moving away is the best thing for her family and her health.

Charlotte Kay with her baby.

The venue officially closed at the end of May and is currently on the market for £15,000, with Charlotte currently looking for a new owner to fill the space she is leaving behind.

The 34-year-old was deeply saddened by the decision, describing the cafe as her “first baby”, but decided to prioritize herself to develop consistency with the needs of the business and it’s something she said she couldn’t give to Fika Dundee anymore.

“I’ve had covid twice in the past two months and my health has deteriorated,” she said.

“Priorities change. My number one priority now is my baby and second is my health.

FIKA Dundee
Charlotte making coffee inside the cafe.

Inside the room

Available for hire, Charlotte has invested £15,000 in the Perth Road site and the three staff who were employed at FIKA Dundee have moved to new pastures.

One was finishing college, another was moving and the other had gotten a job elsewhere, so Charlotte felt it was the best time to close for everyone involved.

She’s had a few inquiries for the business, but hasn’t found anyone to take the rental yet.

FIKA Dundee
Charlotte Kay inside the cafe.

The cafe seats 12 and contains a counter with a prep kitchen behind.

A coffee machine, coffee grinder and smoothie maker are included in the sale and the venue also has a small oven for on-site cooking and an extractor for cooking hot food.

High quality

Before closing its doors, FIKA Dundee offered a mix of soups and sandwiches and baked daily pastries to serve with its coffee and smoothies.

Charlotte has focused on selling high quality food and drink in the venue, with their premium coffee blend sourced from The Bean Shop in Perth.

She also took a healthier approach to their food menu and ensured that the selection of sandwiches and other dishes they offered offered vegan options suitable for all lifestyle choices.

Also, all the pastries on offer had gluten free and vegan alternatives and the cafe charged the same prices for plant milk and any other dietary requirements.

Charlotte believed that no one should be penalized for their lifestyle or dietary needs and was sure not to charge extra for such items.

She said, “I wanted to help people, that’s what FIKA was all about.”

Future plans

For Charlotte, this is not the end of her hotel career. She will use this time to focus on her health, rebuild her strength and be there for her family.

FIKA Dundee
Outside FIKA Dundee on Perth Road.

She said: “My plan for the immediate future is to rest, get better and, if there is something wrong, fix it and fix it.

“I would really like to have a venue in the future, but right now I just have to focus on improving myself.”

She posted on Facebook that FIKA 2.0 could potentially be on the cards when her child/children are in school and she has more free time.

Charlotte also thanked her supporters and left them a reminder to linger whenever they find themselves in a difficult situation like hers.

The message read: ‘Remember people – you are number one, always take care of yourself’.

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[FIKA Dundee cafe owner closes premises to focus on her health and family]



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