Follow Your Heart Cafe is now fully vegan


This is not an exercise ! Follow Your Heart Cafe is finally going entirely vegan!

Follow Your Heart Cafe is ditching dairy

Follow Your Heart Cafe is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Los Angeles. The café opened in 1970 as a small vegetarian sandwich shop and juice bar within a health food store.

Over the past 50 years, Follow Your Heart has evolved into one of the world’s leading vegan brands. The cafe moved from its original location and now has a permanent home two blocks from the original location.

The new location is a market and café, where customers can dine in the large restaurant or browse the aisles of the vegetarian market.

A few years ago, the brand announced that the Follow Your Heart Cafe menu would now be vegan by default, with some dairy options available.

But starting today, November 1st, Follow Your Heart Cafe will permanently remove all animal products from its menu! This switch from vegetarian to vegan comes after a long year of planning with the brand’s new executive chef.

To celebrate the change, the restaurant plans to launch new items on its weekend brunch menu, including vegan chicken and waffles.

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The OG Vegan Cheese Brand

While the Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe has been around for 50 years, most people know the brand from its line of vegan cheeses. The Follow Your Heart brand can be found in grocery stores nationwide. It offers all the goodness of vegan cheese, from blocks of sliced ​​provolone and mozzarella to shredded cheese blends and feta crumbles. Follow Your Heart is also the creator of the OG vegan mayonnaise, Vegenaise.

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