GRAND LAUNCH OF Scuzo Ice O Magic Deseert Cafe


Franchise Partners Mrs. Esha and Mr. Mayank Kharwar of Scuzo Ice O magic, Surat

India’s first live popsicle concept, Scuzo Ice O Magic unveils Gujarat India’s fifth and first franchise store in Surat at Eco Commerz, Vesu.

Founder/Director, Mr. Gagan Anand, and many lifestyle and food enthusiasts will grace the grand unveiling of the Scuzo Dessert Café.

SURAH, 22n/a JULY 2022 (GPN) – In a bid to make India the best brand in its own category by bringing product innovation, India’s first live popsicle concept, Scuzo Ice O Magic, has launched its dessert cafe on the ground floor of shop No-G 6-7, Eco Commerz, Vesu, Surat, Gujrat. Responding to the growing demand for healthy desserts and beverages, Scuzo is positioning itself as a socially responsible brand that appeals to all age groups with its healthy dessert offerings.

Ice cream is a magical invention that speaks to all of our hearts. In different age groups, all genders, geographical locations, customs and traditions, ice cream is a universal superstar that brings joy to everyone.

Many of us grew up dreaming of owning our own ice cream empire. We would have the ability to make extravagant executive decisions and create masterpieces. The icing on the cake would be the fact that there would be no restrictions on the amount of ice cream we consume. This is what we dreamed of!

Scuzo Ice-o-magic is a dream come true, no kidding!

For the first time in India, we have introduced a refreshing wide range of live popsicles, featuring a smooth blend of national and international flavors with our own house secret recipes topped with exotic fruits and nuts to accentuate the naturally fresh flavors. You will find a plethora of world-class popsicles, mouth-watering flavors of Gelato ice cream, as well as a wide variety of desserts such as ice cream waffles, sundaes, pancakes, milkshakes, ice cream and much more. to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Scuzo Ice O Magic was started as a premium dessert cafe with multiple business models from our nation’s capital New Delhi in 2020 by its founder, Mr. Gagan Anand, who has 2 decades of experience in food business management and of drinks and with all his experience he brought Scuzo as the best result.

The specialty of Scuzo Ice O magic is not only that all of their desserts are served natural and healthy, but that it also meets different dietary needs. Encouraging healthy eating habits, Scuzo Ice O Magic serves freshly made fruit popsicles, ice cream, milkshakes and more. with locally sourced natural fruit products and offers a wide selection of sugar-free vegan desserts among many others, inspiring and educating the local community on healthy lifestyle choices.

Scuzo Ice O magic has been meticulously thought out and remains true to the philosophy of sourcing natural and healthy products with a minimal carbon footprint, encouraging fair trade practices between producers and suppliers, ensuring zero artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives in all ingredients. .

Speaking on the occasion, franchise partners Ms. Esha and Mr. Mayank Kharwar of Scuzo Ice O magic, Surat said “Indians are now more health conscious and aware of the dietary implications, are monitoring their consumption habits and have become aware of the natural and healthy products available in the market.” He added: “That’s where we come in; we are here to meet growing customer demand for natural and healthy products. The icing on the cake is our dessert cafe, serving fresh, natural, vegan and sugar-free delicacies, providing a guilt-free dessert experience especially for sweet-loving consumers in Gujarat. Our homemade selection of freshly made popsicles and more are simply delicious and also packed with nutrients. He further added how crowd of Surat dessert lovers can now visit Scuzo Ice O magic and also order from food delivery platforms like Swiggy & Zomato etc.

“For a very long time, I was interested in the introduction Scuzo Ice O magic in Gujarat, and I am so glad to have finally found such a nice and enjoyable place in Surat, with such a dessert-loving and health-conscious community,” said Gagan Anand, Founder and Director of Scuzo Ice O magic. “We operate with our motto, to give our customers a wow and joyful dessert experience like they’ve never had and to promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Scuzo Ice O magic Surat is a full-fledged dessert cafe, featuring a 650 square foot space with seating for dining customers. With an impressive 100% vegetarian cafe menu, using only the highest quality fresh and natural ingredients, Scuzo Ice O Magic Café maintains the company ethos, serving a wide range of desserts, hot and cold beverages.

Exclusive to this place Scuzo Ice O Magic Dessert cafe in Surat some of the must try dishes include Chatpata Jamun, Alphonso Mango, Masaledaar Amrood popsicles made with fresh fruits. Plus, their thick, mouth-watering 100% fruit milkshakes are outstanding.

Scuzo Ice O Magic continues to improve its ever-evolving sustainability efforts and aims to be a role model for the dessert industry in India. As an environment-centric, health-focused business with premium offerings, the new venue will offer a wide range of desserts and will also participate in several CSRs such as nursing homes and Skill India schemes, etc.-Ends.

About Scuzo Ice O Magic:

Created in September 2020, Scuzo Ice O Magic ( is India’s first live popsicle concept and dessert cafe has introduced a refreshing wide range of live popsicles, featuring a smooth blend of national and international flavors with our own house secret recipes topped with exotic fruits and nuts to accentuate the naturally fresh flavors under one roof with a goal “To bring immense happiness to the lives of their consumers by serving the best desserts in the world.

As part of an expansion plan, they aspire to open over 100 outlets in PAN India by 2024 with their franchise and corporate networks.

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