Gujarat Cafe sells various food items in exchange for plastic waste


You may have heard some people swapping old clothes for new utensils. Yes, this old barter system still exists in many places. Also in everyday life, these attractive offers excite the public. Now imagine that food also has a role to play in this. Getting various commodities, including food, in exchange for these unique types of barter systems will automatically pique people’s interest. But have you ever heard of giving some sort of waste for the food you want to eat? Let us tell you where we are. A cafe in Junagadh, Gujarat came up with a creative and unique idea to tackle plastic waste.

The cafe named Natural Plastic Cafe will accept plastic as payment. So, instead of paying bills with cash, customers will have to use plastic to pay if they want to buy food at the cafe.

Junagadh collector Rachit Raj tweeted about the cafe on social media.

A curious user said, “It’s the best decision. But can you tell us what you will do after collecting the plastics? »

Delighted and proud of the initiative, another said, “Very good initiative sir. Proud of you. It is a great pleasure for me to see the control of my hometown, Junagadh, in new age and creative hands.

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The cafe will be managed and run by a women’s group from the Sarvoday Sakhi Mandal although the administration has provided the infrastructure, The Times Of India reported.

If you are curious about what the cafe has to offer, the menu will include a variety of dishes including many traditional Gujarati dishes such as Sev Tameta, Baingan Bharta, Thepla and Bajra Rotla, the report adds.

On the healthier side, there will be dishes made with rose, figs, bel leaves and betel leaves. In keeping with the cafe’s eco-motif, all dishes will be served in clay utensils and the ingredients for the dishes will be locally sourced, according to the report.

This comes a day before the world prepares to observe International Plastic Bag Free Day.


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