Here’s what we thought of our Sky Cafe meal in Inverurie


The best way to describe my position is “unique”. I’m sure other members of the P&J Food and Drink team would say the same.

When is it most unique? Easy. This is undoubtedly the time when Julia and I go to film Drive-Thru Diners.

Most of the time, we enter the taste tests blind, having never seen the companies face to face before or tasted their menus.

This was the case for Sky Cafe in Inverurie.

Yes, we had both browsed her social media before stopping, including Facebook and Instagram, but social media can be deceptive. We know it too well.

The food and drink images looked far too tempting to ignore, so we pre-ordered our dishes on the HOPT app, ensuring a quick pick-up process.

Sky Cafe: What is it and what is on offer?

The Sky Cafe is located in Skyline Trampoline Park, Inverurie.

Do you know what else is unique? Taking food from a trampoline park with no intention of using the park. Perhaps unique is the wrong word, rather than unusual.

The pair of us joked that we were like sore thumbs.

Either way, the cafe is open to the public and customers from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Hot and cold drinks, cakes, milkshakes, and smoothies are among the items available, along with fresh, made-to-order dishes ranging from burgers and chicken tenders to nachos, hot dogs, salads, and curries. And the restaurant also caters for people with gluten intolerance and allergies.


Our receipt from the Sky Cafe in Inverurie.

The verdict: Munchie box (burgers)

Julia immediately added a popular Sky Cafe snack box to our cart. It’s one of the many menu items the team likes to display on social media. After seeing it, you will understand why.

In person, it was even more enticing.

I’ll talk about the burgers first, because you’ll have the option to select two for your box. We went for a smash burger and a crispy Buffalo chicken burger.

On second thought, I have recurring thoughts about the smash burger and it was way better than I gave it credit for at the time.

Crush the burger. Image: Karla Sinclair/DC Thomson.

American cheese, a product that sometimes turns out bland and plastic-like, was a great addition to the burger and melted on the beef patties like it was a blanket.

The Big Mack sauce was silky smooth, while the pickles added a nice acidity. However, the patties lacked flavor.

The pair of us agreed that more seasoning was needed. With that, this one would have been a home run.

Next, the Crispy Buffalo Chicken Burger. Unlike our burger smash, the meat was where all the flavor was.

The chicken breast had been coated in a lightly spiced batter which had a good level of saltiness. It also featured Franks hot sauce.

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Burger. Image: Karla Sinclair/DC Thomson.

It wasn’t too hot or too bland, it was just right.

The remaining ingredients – bacon, lettuce and blue cheese dressing – didn’t offer much to our palates, so I’d recommend adding a healthy helping of sauce to your burger (if you opt for this one in the future ).

Also, the brioche rolls were excellent, adding a touch of sweetness to every bite.


Julia: 4/5

Carl: 4/5

To taste

Julia: 3.5/5

Carl: 3.5/5

The verdict: Munchie box (sides)

How anyone could look at the image below and not want to slip into it, I’ll never know.

The rest of the contents of our munchie box included BBQ boneless chicken, crispy sweet chili shredded chicken, curly fries, onion rings and mozzarella dips.

The nostalgic curly fries were the star of the show. Their coating of onion and garlic seasoning left us coming back for more, while inside they were deliciously light and fluffy.

Inside the treat box. Image: Karla Sinclair/DC Thomson.

We weren’t sure about the onion rings or the crispy sweet chilli chicken. It was like we were eating dough alone.

Nonetheless, the mozzarella dips were good and had a nice crunch, while the boneless BBQ chicken was incredibly juicy. We dipped them in a pot of sweet chilli sauce and it was a heavenly match.

The munchie box also came with coleslaw.


Julia: 3.5/5

Carl: 5/5

To taste

Julia: 3.5/5

Carl: 4/5

The verdict: mixed slush

Speaking of nostalgia, when was the last time you bought yourself a Slush Puppie? Way too long ago (I guess).

For fun, Julia suggested we get our hands on a regular porridge containing all three flavors available at the Sky Cafe. It was an idea I agreed with.

Strawberry and lime were the most predominant flavor, quickly followed by blue raspberry lemonade.

Mixed snow. Image: Karla Sinclair/DC Thomson.

None of us had a clue about the final flavor, peach and mango. However, as expected, the frozen drink was super refreshing and sweet.

I’m sure if we each had one we would have used the trampolines inside.


Julia: 3.5/5

Carl: 3.5/5

To taste

Julia: 3.5/5

Carl: 3.5/5

The verdict: the Vietnamese baguette

The Vietnamese baguette was added to shake things up and ensure we sampled a variety of menu items.

We both thought it looked the part after unwrapping the baguette, although it was a little wet on the bottom from the dripping hot sauce.

The marinated pork was slightly juicy and tender and had been infused with savory flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Vietnamese baguette. Image: Karla Sinclair/DC Thomson.

This was evident when consumed alone. Unfortunately, mint and cilantro were incredibly dominant flavors in this dish. I found them way too strong.

Julia complimented the spring onion, red onion and pickles, which were the remaining ingredients.


Julia: 3.5/5

Carl: 3/5

To taste

Julia: 3/5

Carl: 2/5

The verdict: Mint Aero freakshake

One word, wow. It’s safe to say we saved the best for last when we visited Sky Cafe – a Mint Aero freakshake.

There were two other flavors available to choose from including Biscoff and Oreo. We chose Mint Aero because you don’t see this option in many places.

It looked like a dream and was great in size – way bigger than I expected which is a good thing.

We praised its silkiness from the start. Julia would have liked it to be a little thicker, but the taste itself was on point and it received top marks from us for its appearance.

Aero freakshake currency. Image: Karla Sinclair/DC Thomson.

I could have easily demolished this freakshake on my own. Yes, it was amazing.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate spread, aero mint pieces, semi-skimmed milk and double cream topped with whipped cream


Julia: 4/5

Carl: 5/5

To taste

Julia: 4.5/5

Carl: 5/5

The Mint Aero freakshake came out on top at the Sky Cafe in Inverurie, with a score of 17.5/20.

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[Here’s what we thought of our meal from Sky Cafe in Inverurie]



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