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One of the growing sectors in Bangladesh is catering and fast food. Initially, this growth was mainly centered on the city of Dhaka, but it gradually spread beyond the divisional towns and penetrated the district towns. Over the past decade, foreign restaurant chains and several local food chains have grown in popularity, with many local restaurants now adapting franchise models from smaller single locations. One of them is “Le Café Rio” which started its journey from a small shop and later created the Buffet Idea restaurant. It is now a trendy brand in the fast food and catering industry in Bangladesh.

The catering industry in Bangladesh has a long history, but this industry is currently growing due to increasing market demand and growth. Many new restaurants are launched in both urban and rural areas of Bangladesh at present, and the food business has become a recent trend among entrepreneurs. “The Cafe Rio” is created by “Moriom Nesa Boby”, a successful businesswoman who has tackled life’s various difficulties since childhood. Coming from a middle-class family background, Moriom looked for ways to help his family financially as early as his fifth-grade student. In eighth grade, she learned to sew and began making a living by making dresses for her friends.

Through this research project, the aspirations of entrepreneurs to do catering in Bangladesh have been identified. At the same time, the main obstacles faced by restaurateurs and the key to success.

Also, since the beginning of their journey, instead of adding new foods to Cafe Rio’s menu, the focus has been on maintaining the quality of the food. Asked about her future plans, Moriom was determined. She wants to increase the number of branches of her restaurant and employ at least 1000 people in her business. Other than that, she has invested in a few businesses; among them are a travel agency and an online store.

Moriom owner of “The Cafe Rio” – says: “I am beyond grateful for all the help that my family, my partner and my friends have given me. It is for their inspiration that I was able to become a woman successful business.” She hopes people will start to be more interested in self-employment rather than wasting time looking for a job.

‘The Cafe Rio’ is an ever-evolving restaurant that even updates its menu. With a state-of-the-art establishment, good quality products, almost perfect recipes and a wide range of choices, “The Cafe Rio” has won the hearts of all its customers. There is always something new and there is always something for everyone. People get great service and great food at the most affordable price here.

Café Rio now has three branches in Dhaka. Utra, Zigatola and Mirpur. People give many positive reviews on their items. People can enjoy unlimited food in a beautiful environment at the best Cafe Rio buffet in Dhaka City.

Cafe Rio
5th Floor, House No. 6 Road No. 2, Jashimuddin Avenue, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh 1230 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

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Cafe Rio with positive reviews, people offer healthy food, beautiful environment in the best Cafe Rio buffet in Dhaka City.

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