HwaSan cafe combines Korean cuisine with American brunch.


Korean food lovers can meet brunch lovers at this unassuming cafe at 2001 Coit Road in Plano. HwaSan Cafe opened in early 2022 and serves a delicious Korean coffee, toast and breakfast menu. If you ever crave eggs and toast but your palate craves something exotic, this might be your new favorite spot.

Here, the unique fusion menu starts with the drinks. Help yourself to one of the cream lattes, which come in Asian-inspired flavors like matcha, Injeolmi cheese, and dirty almond. Cafe HwaSan’s signature lattes are blended with a frothy sweet cream, making them even lighter and fluffier. They are rich enough to satisfy your palate but light enough not to fill you up. Trust us, you won’t want them to. The food menu here is even bigger.

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Seoul Egg Ham Toast

Anisha Holla

Go for the Seoul Ham and Egg Toast ($9). The sandwich-like dish begins with two slices of buttered toast. In between is a fluffy omelet, hash browns, ham, and American cheese. With a drizzle of sweet mayo and powdered sugar on top, the item weaves subtle Korean influences into typical American brunch ingredients.

The avocado kimchi toast ($15) is another example of the genius marriage between these cuisines. The dish begins with a piece of toasted flaxseed bread topped with mashed avocado and roasted corn. What is unique about Cafe HwaSan’s version is that this dish comes with a spread of pickled Korean radish.

The cafe sells other Korean dishes like Korean tacos, rice bowls, and noodles. Tteokbokki is a classic Korean dish here worth trying. Popular street food consists of fluffy rice cakes, fish cakes and noodles mixed with a rich gochujang sauce. Tteokbokki bowls range from $13 to $16, depending on toppings, and can be personalized.

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The signature Korean croffe

Anisha Holla

If you find yourself missing the high-sugar foods of the American breakfast world, fear not. Cafe HwaSan has its fair share of options for foodie brunch lovers. A must-have is Korean croffle, a layered crescent dough pressed in a waffle pan that comes in 12 different flavors ranging from classic vanilla ice cream ($6) to more exotic red bean ($8).

The croffle tiramisu ($7), perhaps the most popular here, is topped with a dollop of sweet cheese cream. Dusted with cocoa powder and topped with a wafer stick, it’s a great option for your sweet tooth and Instagram story.

Other sweet baked goods include the matcha brownie ($5), a classic brownie with an earthy flavor of matcha baked all over it. Monkey Bread ($5) is another new addition to the menu that comes with balls of cookie dough coated in cinnamon sugar. The next time you find yourself in a tug of war between classic comfort foods or trying something new, check this place out. You can have a bit of both.


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