“I visited Tesco’s Hot Cross Bun cafe and there’s a dish I’m going to recreate”


Tesco is offering a five-course fine dining experience with hot rolls for £18, with diners set to sample dishes featuring slow-roasted lamb on a hot roll and smoked salmon

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The Daily Mirror visits Tesco’s Hot Cross Bun Cafe

Lightly toasted and covered in butter, the humble warm bun is the perfect Easter treat.

But have you ever thought of smothering one in slow-roasted lamb or serving it with salmon?

They might seem like quirky suggestions you’d typically reject – but Tesco has created an inventive menu celebrating the teatime treat.

You might think it sacrilege to move away from classic spiced bread, in favor of flavors like blueberry and bacon, but a visit to the cafe would prove you wrong.

I visited the cafe for dinner with Mirror writers Courtney Pochin and Zoe Forsey, and tried a five-course tasting menu featuring different hot rolls.

The cafe is now open to the public, with a five-course meal costing you £18, with proceeds going to the charity Trussell Trust, helping it support people in crisis over Easter.

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Courtney Pochin at the pop-up cafe


Rosaleen Fenton)

Steak Tartare served with fruity hot bread crostinis – washed down with a Martini Hot Cross Bun

Reading this sentence, you might already feel like it’s an overload of the humble Easter favourite.

But it really works – the martini is basically an espresso martini with spicy cinnamon and chocolate added. It’s delicious and dangerously drinkable.

I was more skeptical of the tartare but it is delicious – the fatty, flavorful meat well balanced by the sweetness of the crackers.

Steak Tartare with Warm Crossbread Crostinis

Smoked salmon with beets and warm crossbread croutons

It ended up being my least favorite dish – but not for the reason you might expect.

I love salmon and beetroot, and the croutons were delicious – but it was probably the dish that felt least swayed by the hot roll.

The croutons were delicious but didn’t add much, thanks to the strong beet and salmon flavors taking over.

Delicious – but could have done with more hot rolls

Roast shoulder of lamb with harissa and feta on a hot cross bun with apples and cinnamon, served with a Simnel Cake sour

Delicious. It shouldn’t work but it does. The texture is delicious, with the slow roasted meat complementing the toasted bread. The sweet bun filled with apple and cinnamon is a tasty contrast to the fragrant meat.

I’ll try to recreate this at home, so I can convince my dodgy friends and family that this is a winning combination. Next time I will try crunchy pickles on top.

The Simnel Cake Sour is a winning spin on the traditional fruitcake – tasting exactly like candied cherries and citrus zest, and is naturally served with lemon marzipan on top.

A delicious but unlikely triumph

Warm blueberry cannoli stuffed with lemon cream

It will make any dinner hoppy. The irresistible flavor of lemon curd, combined with fragrant blueberries and a warm cross bun, creates a wonderful Easter dessert.

I could have eaten ten more. Pleasantly the cannoli was slightly spicy and sweet which really worked.

S’morandsalted butter caramel rave and chocolate brioche

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth – the crunchy chocolate cracker and marshmallows, drizzled with chocolate sauce is a winning ending to a surprisingly fun meal. 10/10.

The cafe is now open for one week only and offers a range of menus for all ages – including brunch and afternoon tea.

The cafe is at 46 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP and reservations can be made through the OpenTable website, although walk-in seating is available.

Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer of Tesco, said: “Hot crossbread really has a moment in 2022, as evidenced by our focus on quality at an affordable price as well as innovation in this year’s ranges.

“We wanted to make sure this year was our best, but also go the extra mile and create a memorable Easter experience that allows hot bun lovers to enjoy our vast offering in new and unexpected ways, while celebrating with the family and friends.”

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