I visited the new HeyBrew cafe in Selly Oak, Birmingham


An honest review of Selly’s new favorite cafe

A colorful new cafe has opened on the main street of Selly Oak. HeyBrew Espresso, in a shop that was previously a horse stall business, opened in Selly Oak on the 5the of August 2022.

Selly Oak lacked a nice cafe, a place where students could go to fuel their caffeine addiction, while doing much-needed work. HeyBrew perfectly matches these criteria.

HeyBrew has been constantly busy with locals and students since opening. I wanted to see what it was all about, so I visited a friend. Here’s how it went, and my honest review of Birmingham’s newest cafe, HeyBrew:

Banana Nutella Wake Up Call Bagel and Biscoff Cookie Pie

When you walk in you choose a table (be sure to take note of your table number) then once you are ready you head to the counter to order. In my opinion, cafes that get you up to order work better overall. This reduces order wait time and eliminates potential errors for your order to go wrong.

All menu items are listed on the wall or presented on a display to the left of the checkout. The menu is by no means extensive, mostly coffee, cakes and bagels, but it provides enough for a cafe of its size.

After ordering and paying for your items, you return to your table and the staff brings your order to you.

In terms of the quality of the product itself, there is nothing to complain about. The bagels are a decent size for the price, have lots of filling and a small portion of tortillas. Coffee is expensive at £3.30 for a latte in a small glass. However, the coffee is good quality and tastes great, and the latte art is always a fun bonus!

The Latte and New Yorker Bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese with tortillas

Now for the serious part of the HeyBrew review in Birmingham, the pros and cons:


  • The staff is always so polite and friendly. Service is quick and staff are happy to chat or answer any questions you may have.
  • They have alternative milk available and although I don’t personally drink alternative milk, Molly tasted an almond milk hot chocolate and said “most almond milk hot chocolates are way too sweet, but this -this was perfect!”
  • They also provide jugs of water that you can help yourself to at any time.
  • The place is so well presented, clean and super modern.
  • You never feel rushed in there, they are happy for you to work there as long as you want, perfect for students! (and there is free WiFi available!)

heybrew birmingham coffee selly oak review

The inconvenients:

  • Latte glasses are ordinary drinking glasses, which makes them harder to grip and there is a risk of being burned if you pick it up too soon.
  • The cafe did not appear to be wheelchair accessible. (However, HeyBrew told The Tab Brum that it is wheelchair accessible, with ramps available upon request, and that he plans to correct the uncertainty in the future with signage.)
  • The menus are quite small, as is the writing, so it may be difficult for the visually impaired to view them.
  • The menu is limited so I’m excited to see if they expand that in the future.

My overall opinion of Birmingham cafe is that I love HeyBrew a latte! All complaints are minor and therefore easily remediable. I loved it so much that I have been back three times since my first visit. As a lover of cozy coffee while doing aesthetic work, I will certainly become a regular at this adorable place.

The Tab Birmingham has contacted HeyBrew for comment. They responded by saying the glasses are just “steps” at the moment and will be replaced with their basic blue cups once they have enough supply.

Additionally, they acknowledged that it is not clear that they are actually wheelchair accessible and that ramps are available upon request, which they plan to fix in the future with signage. In terms of menu size, Heybrew was waiting for public feedback before expanding their menu, however, as the overall response has been positive, it looks like some exciting additions will be added to their menu soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Their last comment read: “It’s overwhelming to say the least, how beautiful the response has been! It’s something we’ve felt Selly has needed for a long time now. We love everyone’s welcome and we’re just happy to bring good coffee […] in Selly.

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