Ingo’s Coffee Bar, the new ‘Instagrammable’ cafe in Windsor Glen


The soft opening of the family business, Ingo’s Coffee Bar, commemorated the family’s step into ‘the third wave of coffee’, which had provided a pleasant service to the community of Windsor Glen and the area around the Windsor Mall Glen.

The cafe was named after the family’s German grandfather, Ingo Rehders. It offers a modern and relaxed environment where one can work or study as well as tasty and affordable coffee, freshly baked croissants, cheesecake and a delicious Franzbrötchen pastry unique to Hamburg, Germany.

Ingo Coffee Bar customer enjoy coffee in cafe. Photo: Supplied

Jordan Coetsee of Ingo’s Coffee Bar said: “After a brief introduction to coffee and the history of the coffee trade which spans the past 500 years. We started a group tasting session led by Russel Dube the barista, where each participant was asked to smell the freshly brewed coffee and think about what it smelled like.

A number of fun interactive activities were carried out throughout the day allowing customers to learn and indulge in the different types of food and hot drinks on the menu. The snacks had been prepared by Marilyn Sibande, who had shared her creative talents from her previous job. The day ended with a surprise from the talented acoustic musician, Lindo M.

Ingo’s Coffee Bar opens its doors to the community of Windsor Glen. Photo: Supplied

Jozi Coffee Spots and HiddenJoburg – Instagram pages that feature trendy new places to visit – popped up and took some aesthetically appealing shots of the cafe.

Coetsee added: “Ingo’s is a hidden gem in Johannesburg, designed and run by South Africans. The cafe is a casual destination for delicious coffee and a range of healthy snacks. There are tasty local products and pretty flowers that you can pick up on your way home from work.

Coetsee called on everyone to come and try its famous Franzbrötchen chocolate or crumble and some tasty homemade sandwiches.

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