Is the Keurig K-Cafe SMART worth it?


The Keurig app is essential to success with the K-Cafe SMART, and if you ask us for advice, let it be that you should explore everything the app has to offer before you even make a basic coffee. There is no guide material for the application, so it is up to you to familiarize yourself with the resource. If you try to dive into the K-Cafe SMART without knowing the app, you might feel overwhelmed.

The brewer’s remote settings, meaning its ability to turn the machine on and initiate brews, will prove either quite invaluable or entirely unnecessary depending on your lifestyle and needs. Scheduling brews only seems practical for plain coffees, as it’s inconvenient and not recommended to load milk into the frother and leave it at room temperature until you need it. Even if you never touch the scheduled brew, there are plenty of other tools waiting for you, the most important of which are Café Creations and Brew ID.

“After making a cup of coffee, [Brew ID] will give you recipe recommendations that are perfect for that pod,” says Annie Oh, Vice President of Keurig Experiences Keurig. “So let’s say you’re making Peet’s Major Dickason’s.” When you access your app, you’ll see a series of recipes that pair really well with this pod.”

Café Créations is a collection of more than 70 recipes. The recipes are ridiculously accommodating, giving step-by-step instructions and product recommendations.

The app’s biggest flaw is its support videos – there are two of them.


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