Japan Rail Cafe Singapore, Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri promote Kanagawa products


During the month of July, in collaboration with Japan Rail Cafe Singapore, a subsidiary of JR East, the sights and products of Kanagawa Prefecture were promoted on the theme of “Tanabata”, a traditional Japanese summer festival. The purpose of the promotional event was to introduce some of Kanagawa’s special products during the Tanabata festivities to Singaporeans who love all things Japanese.

To complement the month-long promotion of prefectural products, a special Hiratsuka Tanabata night was also held in the cafe, as an enjoyable and meaningful time for local customers, introducing the history and elements of Tanabata, and the annual festival held in Hiratsuka. Town. Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri is not only known as one of the top three Tanabata festivals in Japan, but is also established as the biggest Tanabata festival in the Kanto region.

This year being the 70th anniversary of the Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri, and the first to be held again after three years since the onset of COVID-19, it was a great festival not to be missed. With 500 streamers, some of which reached over 10 meters high, the city’s Tanabata festival is well known for its colorful and extravagant decorations. Likewise, the festive spirit was part of the Hiratsuka Tanabata Night, held on the evening of July 19 in Singapore, where guests were treated to a colorful show at the cafe; the various streamers contributing to a lively atmosphere, as well as the multitude of tanzaku (long, thin strips of paper) hung from the bamboo branches that waved gently in the breeze that passed through the entrance.

Besides the history of Tanabata, guests of the Japan Rail Cafe were also able to get a glimpse of the Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri through the many photos and videos of the festival released during the event. In addition, guests also joined in a well-known Tanabata key activity – writing their wishes on a tanzaku and hanging them on the bamboo sticks on display in the cafe.


In such a festive atmosphere, 15 different products from enterprises in Kanagawa Prefecture were displayed and sold at the cafe. These items have been specially selected to convey the feeling of summer and Tanabata from Japan to Singapore.

The idea of ​​summer always comes with thoughts of the beach, and what better way to pass the time there than with a refreshing booze? One of the prefectural products introduced was the Ichi-Go-Can set of nine sake boxes, which are also popular for their compact sizes and variety of sake for tasting purposes. Yokohama Lager and Hefeweizen from Yokohama Brewery, which were previously popular with customers, have also been reintroduced for their excellent tasting beer.


Amina Collection’s beer pouches and hand towels, made in collaboration with Yokohama Brewery, are a perfect way to hold ice cold beer in your hand. Plus, the specialty beer pouches are made from the same materials as wetsuits and are a fantastic way to keep your drink of choice cool during the summer heat.


Other than alcohol, other refreshing alternatives offered were Shonan Gold Cider and Odawara Mandarin Orange Cider from Nozawa Sakuzo Shoten. Not only are the labels surprisingly eye-catching, but the colorful ciders also look like delicious liquid gold perfect for the summer weather. From the same company, Shonan Gold drops which offered a retro and vintage aesthetic similar to ciders were also included in the range. The refreshing sweetness of Shonan Gold flavor present in these products is nothing short of the epitome of an ideal summer. On top of that, L’Orient’s ever-popular Vanilla and Cocoa Cookies, with their lovely quirky design, were also popular with kids.


Another prefectural product of choice was Nature’s Shonan Gold Juice, made only from freshly squeezed Shonan Gold citrus fruits from Yugawara City. Packed with vitamins, this bottled juice is the perfect drink to refuel for summer activities.


Choshiya’s mouth watering kuromitsu (black sugar) has also been promoted as a healthier and tastier alternative to brown sugar, which is very popular in Singapore. Kuromitsu Syrup can be paired with a variety of foods, such as ice cream, waffles, etc., which leaves a sweet aftertaste without being overpowering.


A brand new prefectural product which has not yet been introduced in Singapore was also imported. This smooth umeboshi Chinrui (dried plum) paste is perfect for appetizers like onigiri and brings a special touch of Japanese summer flavor.


In addition to consumables, for samurai or ninja fans, a creative cutlery set by Nozawa Sakuzo Shoten with a katana hilt design was promoted.


Unique and delicate products from Amina Collection were also on sale. With a special touch on the masu sake cup – usually cedar or hinoki wood – is light and has a delightfully colorful and distinctive design that conveys the atmosphere of summer. The striking Kadogama handbags with various individual designs were also a popular star product. Paired with a set of equally Japanese gel nail designs, it brought out the lively spirit of Tanabata and summer.


Thanks to the collaboration with the Japan Rail Cafe, Singaporeans were able to get a deeper idea of ​​Tanabata festivities, especially in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, and indulge in a summer lifestyle in Japan with products from manufacturers in the prefecture. from Kanagawa.

Source: Kanagawa Prefectural Government

All photo credits: Japan Rail Cafe Singapore

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