Kirby Cafe adds Karby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land to its menu


Kirby and the Forgotten Land is available now. Which means the Kirby Cafe, the premier destination for Kirby-themed dining, has new menu items. Chief among them is a new cake made to look like “Karby”, the form Kirby takes when he eats an automobile. This Karby Cake has been added alongside a few other new items meant to celebrate both the new game and the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

Get a preview of the new dishes via the restaurant’s official Twitter account.

According to the official Kirby Cafe website, the Karby Cake replicates a special dish that appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land‘s Waddle Dee Cafe. It’s a strawberry blancmange (a French gelatin-based dessert) layered on a sponge cake with layers of fruit. The scene is made of small pastries and fruits. The cake costs 1,680 yen (about US$14).

Kirby's Coffee

In addition to the Karby cake, items made for the Kirby The 30th Anniversary features a signature Kirby Burger cafe update that places Kirby’s face on the bun and includes a star block-shaped piece of fried egg. The dish alone costs 1,780 yen (about $15), but the price jumps to 2,580 yen (about $21) if customers want to keep the special souvenir plate.

Kirby's birthday

A birthday might as well be a birthday when it comes to fictional characters, so the Kirby Cafe also sells a “Happy Birthday Kirby” cake for customers who want more than Karby for their baking allowance. The cake is a simple domed sponge cake filled with fruit covered in frosting and cherries. It costs 1,380 yen (about 12 USD).

Special Kirby 30th Anniversary souvenir items have also been added to some existing Kirby Cafe menu items. Fans can purchase a latte with a special cup and saucer and receive a new 30th anniversary coaster.

Kirby's Coffee

The same coasters are also included with Doctor Kirby’s Secret Research Soda, a special drink that comes in a series of science beakers and flasks. Customers receive their soda “disassembled” into its liquid components and can mix the drink as they wish.

Kirby Cafe is open in Tokyo and Hakata, Japan. Karby Cake and other 30th anniversary-themed menu items will be available from April 1, 2022. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is available on the Nintendo Switch.


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