LA’s beloved Powerplant Superfood cafe faces permanent closure


After more than seven years in business, Los Angeles’ beloved Powerplant Superfood Cafe faces permanent closure unless an investor, new owner or restaurant group takes over. The tough decision was made by owner Cynthia Moore, who hopes to pass the baton to another passionate plant-based foodie who will keep the coffee’s integrity.

Powerplant Superfood Cafe has become a staple for Angelenos

Located on Pico Boulevard in Mid-City, the Powerplant Superfood Cafe has become a staple for Angelenos of all diets and walks of life. The cafe opened in early 2014 with a 100% gluten-free menu that included a wide variety of vegan options. From salads, bowls and sandwiches to freshly squeezed juices and hand-churned vegan ice cream, the restaurant has become known for its healthy dishes, each made with its secret ingredient, love. In 2020, the Powerplant Superfood Cafe transitioned to an all-vegan menu, which was a long-term goal for owner Cynthia Moore. In 2021, Powerplant Superfood Cafe was named one of America’s Top 10 Vegan Cafes as voted by VegOut readers.

“I briefly quit Powerplant at the start of the pandemic. While the menu was still over 90% vegan, the few remaining items from the original menu that were not vegan weighed heavily on me. This brief break was the perfect opportunity to regroup and purge the menu of any remaining non-vegan items, plus it was a perfect opportunity for me to unambiguously champion my own personal animal ethics,” Moore said.

Powerplant Superfood Cafe is looking for an investor, a new owner or a group of restaurants

As passionate as Moore is about Powerplant Superfood Cafe, she expressed a need to step back for personal reasons and explore ways to keep the cafe open without being so involved in day-to-day operations. Moore told VegOut, “I have a mom in Georgia who is so dear to me and needs me. It is so easy to miss busy days and forget our commitment to family and, in particular, to our elders. Moreover, I am a writer by trade and by heart. I also spend a lot of my time rescuing pit bulls. If this pandemic has done any good thing, it has caused so many of us to slow down and search our hearts, to rethink how we spend each precious day. My heart tells me that I am ready to pass this baton. The powertrain is ready to arise. The brand is strong. He needs someone other than me to lead his future.

Moore is currently looking for an investor, a new owner or a restaurant group to take over the restaurant, as she did with her former Atlanta cafe, The Flying Biscuit. Moore founded The Flying Biscuit with a group of friends at the time and has since franchised 25 locations. She is no longer the owner but has been heavily involved in what the brand is today. That’s what she hopes to do with Powerplant Superfood Cafe. The goal is to keep the same staff (some of whom have been there since day one) and maintain the integrity of the menu and Powerplant’s mission to love community through food. Moore told us, “A tall order during a pandemic, perhaps, but, hey, when there’s enough love in the recipe, I’ve learned to expect a great result!

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