Made by AKB: a boutique bakery and café just opened in Calgary


Made by AKB, a new boutique bakery and café, recently opened in Calgary.

Specializing in making craft drinks, cupcakes, custom cakes, pastries, and more, this new spot is located at 5850 88th Avenue NE.

It’s not just your usual place for sweets – it’s an Indian fusion bakery, creating high-quality desserts and making espresso-style coffee drinks by skilled baristas.

There are over 35 different options for treats here, whether you want it in the form of a cake, a cake jar, or a stuffed cupcake.

Some of these fun flavors are Pumpkin Patch, Napolitan, Red Velvet, Coconut Crisp, Eggnog, Earl Gray Haze, and Mint Chocolate Chip. The Mango Rasmalai is composed of a cardamom milk sponge, a mango whipped cream and a vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

All seem like well-made versions of popular favorites, like the Oreo Overload, and unique recipes like Lemon Blues with a lemon-blueberry sponge, vanilla whipped cream filling, and buttercream topping. Swiss lemon meringue.

And, if you’d rather have the talented team bake a personalized cake for a special surprise, there’s plenty too. Whether it’s a cake with the design of a popular TV show, a fashion label, a branded product, an album cover or something else, you’ve got it covered here.

Pop into this new place, have a drink at the cafe, consider a candy or two, and be inspired to take home one of their extravagant and artful cakes.

Manufactured by AKB

Address: #3180 – 5850 88th Avenue NE, Calgary



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