New Alford cafe, Chloe’s Kitchen Creations, opens


When one door closes, another opens – a quote that currently resonates with 21-year-old Chloe Lawson of Chloe’s Kitchen Creations in Alford.

Indeed, the entrepreneur, well known in the North East for her growing cake-making business, has closed the company’s flagship site on Main Street in Alford.

It was launched in May 2019 when Chloe was just 17 years old.

But residents and passers-by of the city, fret not, as you can now get your Chloe’s Kitchen Creations solution from a new location on the ground floor of the Victoria Buildings on Donside Road.

A selection of cakes offered at the new café. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.

The new venue, with a capacity of 50 people, will allow customers to be seated while the old location was for take-out only.

The sweet smell of expansion

Chloe, who resides in Alford, first went to view the property last year and planning permission was passed in February 2022.

“Following the success of our takeaways, I knew I had to find a bigger space and when I was asked if it was possible to open a café there, I thought ‘why not? ?’, explains the owner of the company.

“It’s on my doorstep. I went to take a look and the ideas immediately came to mind as to what we could do with the space.

Members of the Chloe’s Kitchen Creations team in Alford. From left to right, Selina, Amber, Chloe, Beth and Layanna. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.

The new cafe currently has six full-time employees and 10 part-time employees.

It will be open daily from 8 a.m. for take-out orders and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for sit-in customers.

The soft opening was on Sunday and the official opening was on Monday, during which cake and coffee were available. The lunch menu will be launched soon.

There is also a Chloe’s Kitchen Creations cafe in the Braemar Highland Games pavilion, open from 10am to 4pm daily, meaning Chloe now has two cafes under her belt.

Learn more about coffee

Chloe went on to say: “We didn’t want to rush things as we had a busy season at Braemar so we just took it a few steps at a time.

“We have so many ideas for the space that I don’t think we’ll ever stop decorating. We’ve established a brand throughout the Northeast and we didn’t want to lose it in our new cafe.

The interior combines a modern and contemporary look with a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

There’s a kids’ area, charging stations, books, and a deli area where guests can stock up on items from local producers — Unravel Tea, Roaring Stag Coffee Roasters, From Bakery Lane, and The Bread Guy included.

An exterior view of the cafe. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.

“One of the main reasons I chose this space was the potential it had for all of us to be able to work in one space, which is why we now have a dedicated cooking room,” Chloe added. .

“On average, we prepare up to 700 individual trays per week, but this larger space will allow us to increase this number.

“I’m also looking forward to getting back to my original passion for making party cakes.”

Chloe’s Kitchen Creations is currently developing an online ordering system to make ordering takeout more convenient as well.

End the old, make way for the new

Speaking at the old premises, the talented baker confessed her team “are sad to see it close”.

“But we are extremely excited about the new opportunities this new cafe will bring.

“It’s been long overdue and I’m super excited to welcome our new and returning customers. Everyone has worked hard to make this plan a reality and we hope everyone loves what we’ve done with the space and enjoy what we have to offer.

“This new space allows community groups to come together, organize special events and work with local businesses. We really want to be a cafe that everyone can use and enjoy.

A look inside…

Interior. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
A pink hot chocolate. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
Tables overlooking Donside Road. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
A soft opening took place on Sunday. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
A comfortable seating area. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
Chloe’s Kitchen Creations in Alford has a capacity of 50 people. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
A scone with cream and jam. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
The interior is modern and contemporary. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
Outdoor signage. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
A range of freshly baked homemade pastries. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
Chloe behind the counter. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.
Another interior image: Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson.

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