New building in Collegetown Center Glassboro? Tropical Smoothie Cafe and European Wax Center


A new building was constructed in Glassboro just behind the new Chase Bank on Delsea Drive. The two new tenants are listed as Tropical Smoothie Cafe and European Wax Center.

I covered them in my May article which featured the new Five Below being developed, but with the new shared building construction really taking shape, I had some additional questions about it.

I first heard about these two stores from the owner’s Brixmor website.

I’ve said this before, but the team at Brixmor has really done an amazing job reimagining this mall. If there are any rewards to be had for this type of rebirth, Brixmor should earn something!

We will have more about the opening of Five Below very soon!

Glassboro’s Collegetown Shopping Center is nearing completion of its metamorphosis! In the distance is a new Five Below and further down is the reimagined K-Mart featuring LIDL, Big Lots and Ross!

Once Five Below, Tropical Smoothie Cafe and European Wax Center opened, I believe Brixmor caught up with its known tenants. They show front store space still available for rent (next to Five Below) and another uniquely located store behind Ross.

Most of my comments below are mostly from my May post.

Tropical Smoothie Coffee

Tropical Smoothie Cafe seems very eager to open in Glassboro, as on the construction site there are several banners hanging from the construction fence surrounding the new building.

As their name suggests, they absolutely offer a wide variety of smoothies; from dessert style to nutrition.

Their menu offers 22 different varieties, 3 more for children and 16 supplements and supplements

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is coming to Glassboro and they’re excited to open! The banners are up, go get customers excited about the new store!

But the thing you didn’t expect is that they also offer a FOOD!

A look at their online menu shows they have a pretty decent selection of portable food items.

Flatbreads, wraps, quesadillas, sandwiches, salads and sides. Chicken, Turkey, Veg…

In the central area of ​​42Freeway, they have a location in downtown Gloucester on Cross Keys Road, and I don’t know how I missed posting about them when they opened.

In recent years, they have signed (and opened)

European Wax Center

We posted on European Wax Center five years ago when they opened a location in Deptford, near Hobby Lobby.

European Wax Center has over 850 locations and as you would expect from the name…they offer ‘waxing’. Their website shows that their services also include body and skin products.

They have six locations in Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties and Glassboro will make 7.

The European Wax Center is coming to Glassboro! In this image, they will be on the left side of the new construction!

Considering the Deptford store opened 5 years ago and they are still expanding, I think we can say the Wax Center is rocking it!

An NJ Biz article from February indicates at the time that they were hoping for a third quarter opening. I’m not sure that’s the case.

LA Fitness is now called Esporta. Collegetown Mall in Glassboro NJ

Links and locations

Collegetown Mall
731 Delsea Drive
Glassboro, New Jersey 08028

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Website

European Wax Center website


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