New Clean Eating Cafe with Trim Healthy Mama Power opens in Fort Worth – the full story of Blue Butterfly Cafe


A The new clean catering cafe takes over the Fort Worth space that once housed Olivella’s Pizza at 6333 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Suite 240. The space is currently under construction and being transformed into the Blue Butterfly Cafe.

Two Fort Worth natives — Corinne Cavanaugh and Renae Graves — are leaving their decades-long careers at the city’s Higginbotham insurance to open Blue Butterfly. They work side-by-side with sisters Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, founders of Trim Healthy Mama in Tennessee, on a full line of healthy recipes.

“It will be a fast and relaxed concept, with a seating capacity of around 150,” Cavanaugh said. PaperCity Fort Worth.

Trim Healthy Mama is an expansive and growing healthy lifestyle brand, offering everything from zero-carb baking mixes, peanut and plant-based powders to sugar-free chocolate bars and “virgin” stevia. (all made without additives or fillers). Plus, a full line of baked goods. And even a new line of clean, natural makeup called Made Makeup by THM.

Blue Butterfly Cafe is Trim Healthy Mama’s very first franchise. The idea is that this new clean-eating Fort Worth cafe will be the prototype for future cafes, all equally stocked with Trim Healthy Mama’s retail products.

Corinne Cavanaugh and Renae Graves are quitting their insurance careers to open the first Blue Butterfly Cafe franchise this summer along Camp Bowie.

If you think Trim Healthy Mama sounds familiar, it started 10 years ago with the launch of the New York Times the best-selling Trim Healthy Mama cookbooks. Barrett and Allison have become well known in the clean-eating world, garnering a large following.

“I followed Trim Healthy Mama’s expansion for several years, and when they announced they were looking for their first franchisee, they wanted to have a mom who really understood their line,” says Cavanaugh.

Blue Butterfly Cafe will sell all Trim Healthy Mama wellness products, including the new makeup line. It’s also about supporting many eating styles. From keto and paleo to vegan.

Blue Butterfly - healthy eating pioneers, sisters Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison of Trim Healthy Mama
Healthy eating pioneers, sisters Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison of Trim Healthy Mama.

Cafe bar in paradise

Blue Bakery Cafe has big plans.

“The full range of our sugar-free bakery will be located out front, for on-site or take-out purchases,” says Cavanaugh. “We will also be encouraging city dwellers to bring their laptops and take advantage of our espresso bar complete with specialty drinks and baked goods. ”

Nate Musson was hired to oversee the cafe itself. He comes with real street cred, having been honored for creating this Forbes magazine entitled “The Best Hotel Coffee in the World” in 2017, for his work at the Four Seasons Resort Hualālai on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Now this coffee maven will be part of the Blue Bakery Cafe scene. One that will be very mom friendly.

“The space comes with a large enclosed back patio, which will be used as a children’s play area – filled with Montessori-style play stations to appeal to our target audience of healthy moms,” Cavanaugh explains.

Blue Butterfly - will also have a full espresso bar, so you can sip a mocha
Blue Butterfly Cafe will also have a full espresso bar, so you can sip a mocha. The coffee program will be hosted by Nate Mousson.

Since the kitchen was already set up with a pizza oven in the Fort Worth space it’s taking over, Blue Butterfly Cafe’s menu will include healthy sourdough crust and even gluten-free pizzas. There will be homemade sugar-free ice cream and the bakery checkout will be filled with clean, artisan sourdough bread, which Cavanaugh says will be a staple. There will also be an assortment of gluten-free baked goods and savory items.

Corinne Cavanaugh and Renae Graves will host a meet and greet with Trim Healthy Mama founders Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett on Wednesday, April 11, which will be available to 240 people chosen by lottery. The Blue Butterfly Cafe in Fort Worth is set to open in early May. Expect a number of events in late May designed to raise awareness of the new clean catering restaurant.

Blue Butterfly Cafe is coming. Which means plenty of clean food, fresh baked goods, and a craft coffee bar in late spring.


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