New plant-based non-alcoholic cafe and bar in Phoenix


PHOENIX, AZ — The creators of the restaurant Earth Plant-Based Cuisine are preparing to open their second plant-based business in downtown Phoenix; say hello to Goji Berry Cafe.

The new plant-based non-alcoholic cafe and bar will open on Friday, July 22.

Here’s what you need to know about this new vegan business from the Aguilar family.

Goji Berry Coffee

“We have gluten-free options, something light and [we’re also] make mocktails; so that’s another thing that I think people are looking forward to,” said Keyla Aguilar, co-owner of Goji Berry Café. “[For the mocktails] we use alcohol alternatives, and they’re made with distilled botanicals that are really good for you and the drinks are really, really good.”

The Café also sells refreshments, coffee and tea lattes, acai bowls, salads, paninis and more. According to Aguilar, customers should try their homemade ice cream which “mimics the exact texture of regular ice cream.”

Goji Berry Coffee | Hilene Serna

Aguilar tells ABC15 that the family’s mission with their business is to make vegan food accessible to everyone. The Goji Berry Café states that its menu consists of “100% plant-based recipes”, gluten-free and organic dishes, desserts and drinks.

  • Goji Berry Café address: 1325 Grand Ave. Unit 8


The Aguilar family entered the vegan scene with their first restaurant in 2019.

According to Keyla, when they “took the family step to go vegan” over six years ago, there weren’t many vegan options available in the valley…something her family hoped to change with Earth the vegan-Mexican inspired restaurant.

“A few years ago there were no options…literally the closest thing to an option was like a salad with no dressing. So that was very sad back then,” Keyla Aguilar told ABC15 “We really want to contribute to these options [now available]. We want people to try the food and say, wow i don’t miss anything, i don’t need to eat animal products, and i don’t need to eat extra additives to be able to taste good food.

  • Address of Earth Plant Based Cuisine: 1325 Grand Ave. Unit 7

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