Pepper Tea launches its first cafe in Hyderabad


Hyderabad: To provide the best coffee leisure experience, Hyderabad-based Neoma Foods has launched PepperTea coffee. PepperTea cafe is conceptualized to provide traditional Indian chai in many flavors, in a clean and futuristic space. It is a destination for all age groups offering a menu, a mix of varieties and sumptuous snacks suitable for any time of the day. The café concept aims to meet the needs and desires of food lovers, in an atmosphere that can celebrate tea, food and leisure.

The cafe opened its first outlet today at SR Nagar, Hyderabad. Our household name, everyone’s favorite and most popular TV host Suma Kanakala inaugurated the cafe. The Café has an interesting, colorful and engaging theme that sweeps away the boredom as soon as you enter.

Popular TV presenter Mrs. Suma Kanakala at the launch of the first cafe in Hyderabad said, “During the era of nizam, tea and coffee were among the affluent social groups. With the city embracing Iranian cafes and coffee days, a lot has changed since then. The city is not new to experiencing new and interesting cultures of leisure and gastronomy. With the introduction of new products and spaces, the city becomes a hub for the most exquisite and exotic teas and snacks. I am sure that PepperTea Cafes will become a popular meeting place in Hyderabad and the rest of the country in times to come”.

The dynamic duo, Mr. Ramakrishna Raju and Ms. Lakshmi Chaparala, co-founders of PepperTea Café are the people who invested a lot of energy in conceptualizing the brand. Mr. Raju’s meticulous research had resulted in Hyderabad having an interesting and innovative menu and amazing taste. One such innovative product is the BellamPepperTea (Jaggery PepperTea) which is available for the first time in Hyderabad and the brand name is inspired by this distinctive tea. Mr. Raju has curated a lot of food trails and customized it to suit the taste buds of every age group.

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“Business-wise, this is a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs with an investment of 7 Lakh for a unit and 20 Lakh for the master, to cross. The return on investment is very good with great brand support in leadership training, operations and marketing. Product differentiation and pricing create high brand recall and customers become our customers,” says Ms. Lakshmi Chaparala.

“We plan to launch 200 stores over the next two years, taking the brand to major metros and cities. How do we stay unique? Well, you have all the goodies in one place! Good food, decent price, happy atmosphere, great menu! And the love of tea and hobbies just keeps on flowing!” she added further.


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