Planning the battle on Charlie Chawke’s outdoor coffee kiosk


A planning battle is brewing for the operation of a beer garden in a repurposed shipping container and a range of ancillary items at Charlie Chawke’s The Goat site in Goatstown, South Dublin.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chawke business set up its ‘Box’d Coffee’ outdoor coffee kiosk, signage and a series of ancillary elements providing outdoor entertainment for pub patrons, including a large outdoor TV screen at The Goat.

However, the initiative fell foul of local planners, with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council serving two planning enforcement notices on the business, with the second notice listing 10 separate items to be addressed.

The notices require a series of actions, including the removal of structures on the site and the restoration of grass surfaces within eight weeks.

One of the items the council requested removed was a trailer “which appears to be a moving bar”.

Notice of execution

‘Box’d Coffee’ began operations in November 2020 and opens at 8am most days and along with coffees customers can also purchase croissants, crepes, protein balls, daily vegan options and ‘treats’ gourmet foods for dogs.

Now, in response to the Council’s two enforcement notices, Charlie Chawke’s Charjon Investments Ltd have filed plans with the Council to regularize the situation and retain Box’d Coffee and the various ancillary items and signage for three years and relies on planning for Covid-19 legislation to obtain planning permission.

In a planning submission filed with the application, Tom Phillips and Associates requested that any enforcement action by the Board be deferred until a decision on the planning application for the retainer authorization was made.

Pandemic opening

Mr Phillips says The Goat’s Box’d Coffee outdoor cafe/kiosk was first opened at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Phillips told the Council that “Box’d Coffee provides an open meeting point for members of the public to congregate and socialize in a safe and responsible manner”.

Mr Phillips says ‘Box’d Coffee’s success over this period has continued to the present and there is no reason to believe it should not continue once planning permission is granted. for preservation has been obtained”.

Mr Phillips points out that The Goat is a long-established public house and restaurant, first licensed in 1792 – a span of 230 years.

Mr Phillips says the Covid-19 pandemic is still a global problem, and many members of the public are still considered to be at high risk of serious infection “and the provision of equipment and services that can address this reality remains critical.

The submission states that the success of Box’d Coffee has also resulted in increased employment opportunities, income generation and improved safety of public open spaces at The Goat.

Mr Phillips told the Council that his company’s review of relevant statutory documents – including Covid legislation – and comparable facilities in the wider area “indicate that the operation of Box’d Coffee is compatible with good planning and sustainable development of the local territory”.

Mr Philips points out that Council previously granted a three-year planning hold for ‘Fired Up Pizza’ at the Goat site in October 2020.

A decision is expected on the application in August.


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