Restaurant review: Tabula Beach Cafe menu is a mix of seafood and comfort food


After leaving a hole in Delhi’s culinary and nightlife landscape, Tabula is back, resurrected as a beach restaurant. And we mean literally. The outdoor space is dusted with sand, while the restaurant, decorated in cool blues and whites (hammock included), is littered with events ranging from beachwear nights to Bring Your Pet to Play – the latter will debut soon. We suspect that all this sand will help.

The menu is a mix of seafood, comfort food, and Delhi’s default dishes of pasta and pizza. The drink menu is wide, which is reflected in drinks such as the one-liter Shutter Island iced tea, served in beakers. Although we are on the beach, we remember Winter is Coming, a mixture of gin, cucumber slices, lemon juice, soda and mint.

Following the adage of ‘when in Rome’ (or on the beach), we start at the coast, ordering shrimp and squid with butter and garlic and a chicken shish touk from the desert states, for the contrast. The shrimp and calamari are simply cooked, sautéed in so much garlic that they override the previous nine days, with a gentle infusion of chili and herbs. Served in an iron pan and sizzling, we sprinkle them with the accompanying garlic bread, losing us in a sea of ​​flavors. The shish touk, on the other hand, is tender and enclosed in pitapockets, accompanied by dips from the Middle East; beet hummus is to hummus what red velvet is to cakes.

Butter and Garlic Shrimps

For main courses, we’re heading west, with Gringo sliders and American fried rice. The sliders are accompanied by an entourage of chipotle mayonnaise, a tomato and mustard relish, the stars themselves featuring mini filet mignon burgers, stuffed with runny mozzarella and cheddar cheese and topped with guacamole. . The fried rice is spicy with Thai flavors, accompanied by diced pepperoni, sausage, cherry tomatoes, chicken and eggs. We avoid the latter, because we always think the chicken went first.

Natural history aside, both dishes remind us of the survival of the fittest, given how their tastes so lovingly linger on our palates.

The chef recommends our dessert: the waffles. We get a platter, four wafers of grilled waffles, mired in a pastiche of maple syrup, blueberry compote, chocolate sauce, nutella, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, all topped with a sparkling knob of butter. . Yes, it was as good as it sounds.


MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 3,000 (taxes and alcohol included)

ADDRESS: The village complex, the village of Asiad, Khel Gaon Marg; 26492896

The story appeared in print with the title Tabula Rasa

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