Sailor Moon Releases Delicious First Look at Her 30th Anniversary Cafe


The Sailor Moon Museum has unveiled several of the Sailor Moon-themed menu items that will be available at the series’ 30th anniversary cafe.

Opening day of the Sailor Moon The museum is just around the corner, and to help generate excitement for the grand opening on July 1, the museum has unveiled many of the Sailor Moon– thematic dishes that he will offer in his café.

As detailed on the official Sailor Moon Museum website, the museum is actually a Sailor Moon exhibition at the Roppongi Museum in Tokyo, Japan. This exhibition will consist of three different phases, or “volumes”, each devoted to a part of the Sailor Moon story, and will feature hundreds of artwork from series creator Naoko Takeuchi. The museum is designed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Sailor Moon franchise and will be open for approximately six months, opening July 1 and closing December 30.

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The museum’s website translations from provide the names of the various cafe menu items and their prices in Japanese yen. All prices shown in USD are based on current conversion rates. The “Cosmic Heart Compact Dessert Plate” features a small raspberry mousse topped with a cookie designed to look like Sailor Moon’s third transformation brooch. This plate costs about 1,730 yen, or about 12 USD. The “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Museum Sliders” plate features two small sandwiches, one bearing the words “Sailor Moon Museum Cafe” and the other the museum logo. This menu item costs 1,850 yen, or about $13.50. The “In the name of the moon, I will punish you Omurice” plate is named after Usagi’s famous catchphrase and features a crescent moon-shaped Japanese-style omelette. This item costs 1,650 yen, which, like the Cosmic Heart Compact Dessert Plate, costs around $12.

Other menu highlights include the “Sailor Senshi 5 Rainbow Parfait” which is a parfait with five different layers made up of the signature colors of the five main Sailor Scouts. “Chibi-Usa Pudding a la Mode” is a sweet combination of fruit and pudding served in a dish decorated on the front with Chibi-Usa’s signature bow. The cafe also offers sugar cookies, which customers can also order to take away. One of these cookies features the same design as the cookie included with the “Cosmic Heart” dessert plate.

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The first three seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal, the most recent Sailor Moon anime series, are available on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Sailor Moon Cosmosthe final film in two parts of Sailor Moon Crystal, is set to debut in 2023.

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