Scottish cafe ditches meat, dairy and eggs to make menu completely vegan


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A hugely popular non-profit cafe in Shawlands, Glasgow is going 100% vegan this week.

Glad Cafe – also an award-winning music and arts venue – will remove all meat, dairy and eggs from its menu from tomorrow (Wednesday April 6).

Taking to Instagram last week, the cafe wrote: ‘Starting next week Glad Cafe will be 100% vegan.

“Keep an eye on our feed and stories this week for further menu updates. We’ll also be running down stock throughout the week for some changes, starting with Staropramen – £4 a pint from tomorrow; also £10 pizza and drinks every night!”

The restaurant is famous for its pizza, which it serves every evening from Wednesday to Sunday. While the menu previously offered three vegan options, toppings like mozzarella and fennel sausage were also available.

The venue assured a customer on Instagram that the pizzas would stay, but would now be all plant-based.

Glasgow has long been known for its good range of meatless restaurants, and the Scottish city was recently ranked seventh out of happy cow‘s list of the most vegan-friendly towns in the UK.

The Glad Cafe has yet to announce details of its new vegan menu, but it should be unveiled soon. Plant Based News reached out to comment.

Companies are going vegan

The Glad Cafe is not alone in its efforts. Earlier this year, a country pub in Wales removed animal products from its menu and went vegan. The Cwmbran pub made the decision after a hugely successful trial, which saw the business experience its ‘busiest month ever’, offering nearly 1,500 plant-based meals.

A similar story unfolded when a north London cafe called The Fields Beneath updated its menu to be all plant-based. “[The gamble] paid off, with sales up and a much improved menu,” owner Gavin Fernback said at the time.

Across the pond in Idaho in the United States, a cafe owner has transformed her vegan restaurant after watching Dominationa documentary that pulls back the curtain on the meat industry.

“I promise to always serve great food that everyone can enjoy. If it works, so much the better, if it doesn’t work and costs me my livelihood, too bad. I can no longer move forward knowing that I have supported great suffering and inexcusable meat/egg/milk industry practices,” the CEO commented.

“I’m terrified, but I know I’m doing the right thing.”

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