Serial ‘Teflon con’ burglar arrested and released once again


The prolific burglar who thinks bail reform is “great” is a free man again after he was arrested for breaking into another Big Apple business, The Post has learned.

Charles Wold, 57, was handcuffed on Thursday for felony burglary raps for breaking into Jessie’s Express Cafe in Midtown, Manhattan and stealing their cash register on Dec. 21, court records show.

During his arraignment on Friday afternoon, prosecutors with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office asked a judge to hold Wold on $30,000 bail, citing four open criminal cases for the same crimes, but the court ruled. refused and released him on his own recognizance instead.

The Brooklyn native, who has at least 32 prior arrests for burglary and theft dating back to 1983, admitted to The Post in an exclusive interview in January that he steals because he is a lifelong heroin addict and said the prison was not working for him, he needs rehabilitation.

“I am grateful for [bail reform] because I’m too old to go to jail, I’m too old, I can’t do it,” Wold said in January.

“Rikers Island is not the key, you know what I mean?” I’ve been in jail my whole life, I can do it standing on my head, that doesn’t teach me anything, I can get more drugs in there than I can here.

Wold could not be reached for comment Friday.

Wold has at least 32 prior arrests for burglary and theft since 1983.
Kevin C. Downs for the New York Post

In three of Wold’s most recent cases, he was granted supervised release because the raps weren’t eligible for cash bail, but on Jan. 12 he was charged in connection with a series of burglaries in Brooklyn and ultimately convicted. was held until he paid bail and was evicted.

On December 5 last year, he is accused of breaking into the Tava restaurant in Park Slope and taking money from a safe – just over a week after a judge was forced to harass him for burglary in another case because he couldn’t settle bail on the charges.

Wold also allegedly robbed a Just Salad restaurant on Seventh Avenue on Christmas Day, slipping money into the cash register, then two days later did the same at the 390 Social restaurant.

” He confessed [robbing our business] but said we asked him to come and make repairs,” Dana Morrissey, owner of 390 Social whose other businesses in the area have been robbed four times in less than a month, previously told the Post.

Surveillance footage of Wold allegedly breaking into a deli in Brooklyn in November 2021.
Surveillance footage of Wold allegedly breaking into a deli in Brooklyn in November 2021.

The alleged 390 Social robbery came hours after Wold was released in a Nov. 1 incident in which he broke into a Manhattan Italian restaurant, Sola Pastabar, to steal money.

The case is among 10 suspected burglaries in Brooklyn and Manhattan for which Wold is charged in the three months of the last year – some even happened on the same day, according to court records. They include another bust from Dec. 5 in which Wold allegedly pocketed money from the cash register after breaking into Artisan Barber Shop, according to court documents.

“What’s the magic number of burglaries that have to happen before we realize catch and release doesn’t work here and we get it off the streets? Twenty-five times? Thirty times? Morrissey cursed.

“No one I talk to about this situation can believe this is where we are on crime in New York. I hope they do the right thing today and hold it back under bail.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Rosner


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