South Lakes Zoo Safari cafe inspection report ‘generally poor in dirt and debris’ reveals


Dirt and debris were found in the kitchen of a zoo cafe during a damning food hygiene inspection triggered after a public complaint.

The Beehive Café at South Lakes Safari Zoo in Broughton Road, Dalton, was told a ‘major upgrade’ was needed after an inspection on August 24.

Following a freedom of information request submitted by The Mail, it was revealed that inspectors had visited the cafe following a public complaint about unsanitary conditions at the zoo’s food outlets .

The report reveals that a full day’s worth of raw burgers were stored at room temperature in the kitchen during the inspection which required immediate action.

The level of cleaning seen in the kitchen, including work surfaces and other food contact areas, such as the sink, was “generally poor with dirt and debris everywhere,” the report said.

Inspectors said deep cleaning and deep disinfection were needed.

Traces of flies were also found throughout the kitchen, which can contaminate food and the food surfaces they land on, according to the report.

Inspectors noted that the kitchen bins did not appear to have been emptied at the end of the previous day and had no lids.

Concerns have been raised about the level of food hygiene awareness among staff, which inspectors described as “inadequate”.

They said: ‘While I am aware that catering supervisors have completed a Safer Food Better Business pack, none of the staff present were aware of the pack or were able to produce it upon inspection. This issue was also raised during the last food hygiene inspection

“There were no cleaning schedules available for the Beehive area. Given the low level of cleanliness observed, you are strongly advised to establish daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules for each of your units as well details of how each area should be cleaned.

“It emerged from discussions during my inspection that the level of food hygiene awareness among your staff was insufficient on some important food safety issues related to their job responsibilities. In particular, the lack of cleaning throughout the Beehive and the fact that the day’s supply of raw burgers was stored at room temperature throughout the day.

We attempted to contact the South Lakes Safari Zoo, but did not receive a response until this post went to print.


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