The amazing hole in the wall cafe serving the best food by the sea


Right on the beach, not far from Somerset, there is a great little cafe serving the best home cooking from a hole in the wall.

You can’t believe the mouthwatering food that comes out of this little hole in the wall cafe Kiosk on Lyme Regis beach, just over an hour’s drive from most places in Somerset.

Well worth the trip to leave early and have breakfast on a sun lounger by the sea at Kiosk cafe before heading to the sand.

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The croissants, flapjacks, brownies are straight out of the oven and they are so delicious, I can vouch, I never go to Lyme Regis without visiting Kiosk.

I usually leave Bath early, stopping at the Kilver Court cafe in Shepton Mallet on the way if it’s open for a coffee, then arriving in Lyme Regis early in the morning when there’s usually plenty of parking .

After safely getting rid of the car, I walk along the seafront and promenade, the turquoise sea sparkling like jewels by my side, just past the pastel pink and blue of the famous beach huts until until I see the inviting deep yellow of the Kiosk Café awnings.

Such a welcome sight. The staff and owners are lovely and usually remember me and my order, a fresh almond croissant and a lean white dish, please.

I sit on the yellow deckchairs looking out to sea while waiting for my breakfast, watching this charming seaside resort slowly come to life in the early morning again.

You don’t have to have anything sweet at the Kiosk, the crab sandwiches are legendary and are to die for, lots of creamy crab dressed in a lovely fresh sourdough bun.

And their toast, well, what can I say? You can smell them miles away, gorgeous artisan cheeses melting on delicious local hams, real butter and freshly toasted bread.

You honestly can’t believe the food that comes out of this little kitchen in the hole in the wall. And as if that weren’t enough, there are also ice creams next door, freshly made and local and there is even a vegan choice.

The kiosk is the best little cafe near the beach in our area, can’t wait to go back, no day at the beach is complete without it.


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