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EPIPHANY Coffee [franchise group] was born out of a love of coffee and donuts. Through passion and dedication, Epiphany Café quickly became Hamilton’s gourmet donut café, before expanding across New Zealand through its major regional franchisees, serving an eclectic selection of artisan donuts, coffee and more. Epiphany has now expanded its wholesale business of donuts, coffee, and other baked goods nationwide through SFIO’s other subsidiaries: Ardent Bakers and Gorgeous Coffee Co.

Epiphany’s story began a few years ago when Jeths Lacson and Mark Epifanio, engineers and friends, failed to find the special quality of fresh fluffy donuts in New Zealand that they had enjoyed on their travels and respective work experiences abroad. They decided to cook their own in Hamilton and it took about 6 months to get the mix right. There was a lot of trial and error, and in the end, the Epiphany Cafe donut was perfect. The “sudden moment of revelation” has come for Jeths and Mark. Therefore, they decided to take on the challenge of becoming the New Zealand brand of Donut Cafe. The first Epiphany coffee franchise was opened in the city’s Casabella Lane in February 2016. The company has a growing chain of coffee shops and kiosks in several parts of New Zealand.

To continue the global expansion of Epiphany Cafe, Epiphany joined SFIO as a conglomerate company in 2021. SFIO is an asset management company and is a franchising, manufacturing and distribution conglomerate of food, beverage and coffee business, real estate development, as well as technology and software. development in New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. The strong business coalition has been established within the group to support overall growth using innovative technology and disruptive business models. Synergistic companies will allow SFIO to expand its asset base through mergers, strategic acquisitions, investments and partnerships with companies that would increase SFIO’s market value, thereby delivering more value to its shareholders. . SFIO aims to support and enable the strategic expansion and growth of the Epiphany brand globally as part of the initial phase of the expansion roadmap as a pilot project of the Conglomerate.

To enable and support the Epiphany brand’s hyper-growth expansion plan, SFIO has strategically acquired companies with proven capabilities and expertise. These companies have been grouped into four strategic business divisions, including the Franchise division.

Manufacturing Division


Ardent Bakers is an MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) approved centralized factory and warehouse located in Hamilton, New Zealand. It supplies donuts, muffins, scones and frozen cakes to the Epiphany Franchise group. Ardent Bakers also supplies wholesale products to multi-store retail brands such as BP, Caltex, Mobil, GAS, Jayen Foods Concepts, Circle-K, Metromart, Classic Bake House and other hospitality businesses. i.e. cafes, hotels, restaurants.

SFIO recently acquired Big Lou’s Donuts (BLD) to support the manufacturing division. BLD is a successful Australian company headquartered in Melbourne specializing in the production of a wide range of commercial donuts for retail and wholesale supermarkets across Australia. BLD’s state-of-the-art donut factory is capable of producing over 9,000 donuts per hour. The facility will be used by SFIO to produce Epiphany Café’s fluffy donuts as part of its Australian expansion plan.

Coffee pole


Gorgeous Coffee Co. (GCC) is part of the coffee division of SFIO. GCC is the coffee supplier to the Epiphany franchise and licensing groups. GCC is also a wholesale coffee roaster and distributor in New Zealand and Australia. GCC has developed the unique blend of Epiphany Café coffee which is 100% organic and fair trade certified. GCC has recently developed its 5-in-1 instant coffee made with organic ingredients, namely NZ Manuka honey, barley grass powder, Stevia, coconut milk powder and coffee. GCC’s range of instant coffees, which are 99% sugar-free, will be exported and distributed internationally through partners and through e-commerce platforms (i.e. Amazon). As an independent company, Gorgeous Coffee Co. will also supply its standard coffee blend (whole bean) to internal SFIO partners and external customers such as local coffee shops. Gorgeous Coffee Co. also has the ability to develop bespoke coffee blends for internal and external customers.

Real Estate and Development Division

Epiphany Kiosk

The Real Estate and Promotion Department of SFIO is in charge of the standardization and development of the design and construction of infrastructures within the SFIO group, including the Epiphany Franchise group. This division will also manage the acquisition and rental of sites for the franchised groups within the SFIO.

In addition, SFIO also successfully acquired (70%) MLV Group – a well-established accounting firm in Australia serving over 5,000 clients that has grown at a rate of over 30% per annum thanks to its reliability. , professionalism and confidence. services. MLV Group will also provide accounting and financial services to manage and monitor the financial performance of SFIO subsidiaries.

In the meantime, SFIO’s ‘The Global Academy’ – a masterclass and business coaching arm of the firm – has been established, which will lead SFIO’s strategic business education tours by conducting information sessions to highlight entrepreneurship over investing and owning a business.

SFIO’s Global Academy (Training Center for Entrepreneurship) is a strategic learning provider of masterclasses and workshops – available both online and offline. It aims to educate, equip and empower its business partners, shareholders and potential investors to have entrepreneurial and business leadership mindsets, mastery, management and mentorship programs. The core of ‘The Global Academy’ is to tailor strategic learning programs to develop an organization’s most important resource – people.

We have more strategic acquisition plans underway. We are also opening the application for the Epiphany Café franchise in the United States and the pre-sale of real estate units in the Philippines. BE PART of our HISTORY, contact us now at [email protected]

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