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Opening The Golden Cup, a beautiful, cozy café in Brighton earlier this year, the team envisioned a space where mums and families can take a well-deserved break with a drink, light meals and that good seating we have all so desperately needed sometimes.

We chat with Carla Brion, one of the three girls behind the brew, about what makes the Golden Cup special.

The last time we spoke with you was about all things Golden Month. Tell us how it all evolved into The Golden Cup.

We were looking for new storage space for the golden month and came across a lovely little place in Brighton. We thought we could use part of it for a warehouse where we produce and pack all our products, and then create a small cafe with the rest. We envisioned a place where you could get family meals to fill your freezer, plus all the produce and dry goods for the golden month. We imagined something small, hole-in-the-wall style, but ended up being much bigger and we are very grateful for that. Nadia and I then kicked out our favorite Adelaide barista, Raiya McPherson, because we knew we had to have the best, and she became co-owner of the cafe. She also happens to be the most amazing nanny, so it was a double win for us!

What can people expect when visiting the Golden Cup?

The Golden Cup is a sunny but cozy little corner where you can be yourself. You can get amazing coffee, the tastiest food, and feel right at home no matter where you are in life’s journey. We value “family” where kids can be kids, babies are loved and adored, and mom can breastfeed in comfort and take a well-deserved break. You will be able to leave nourished, with a family meal in hand to feed your tribe, and the “cup full” in every sense of the word.

How did you realize your family vision in coffee?

The three of us decided to provide a space in which everyone, especially parents and children, can be comfortable. With floor cushions to sit on, a comfy sofa and pillows to relax on, it feels like home. We have a great children’s play area which has a chalk wall, ‘busy board’ and mini children’s kitchen as well as a children’s table and chairs where children can get creative. There is a changing table in the bathroom and plenty of high chairs for everyone.

We also want to help feed families; we offer a range of nutritious and delicious take-home family meals that everyone will eat. These include lasagna, curries, pasta sauces and soups. So you can fill your freezer and know the cooking has been done, freeing up more time to spend with loved ones and taking the stress out of the most chaotic part of a parent’s day, aka “dinner time.” “.

the golden cup coffee

The Golden Cup coffee

What does The Golden Cup menu look like? And so important… how is the coffee!!?

We (and our customers) think our coffee is the best in Adelaide. We use local supplier DeGroot who roast our beans to order so they are as fresh as they come. Our food menu is 100% plant-based, sourcing as many local suppliers as possible and we manufacture as much as possible in-house; even our waffles are homemade and gluten-free. We offer everything from super healthy to slightly naughty; toast, big breakfast, BLTs, granola, and the old trusty mashed avocado, plus loaded banana bread, chunky shakes, and smoothies. Plus a kids menu that is NOT fries and nuggets but much healthier and tastier too. We also offer takeaway meals such as croissants, sweet treats, daily salad and snacks.

The Gold Cup, 491 Brighton Rd, Brighton


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