The River Cale Café opened today in Wincanton


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Good morning! We are River Cale Café, born out of a love of food and family. It’s a family run business in the heart of Wincanton’s Cale Park, offering a warm welcome to all.

My name is Iwona and my dream has always been to open a local cafe where everyone will feel at home. I am passionate about food and love to experiment to bring the best flavors to the table and share my love of food with my family and friends. I became more experimental with my cooking a few years ago when I was diagnosed with celiac disease, which forced me to go on a strictly gluten-free diet. But don’t worry, the coffee won’t be gluten-free only. We’ll bring a bit of everything for everyone: vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, plus some old-school favorites with a homey twist.

River Cale Cafe, Cale Park, Wincanton, exterior

At River Cale Café, our goal is to serve simple, seasonal, and fresh food made with good quality, locally sourced ingredients, supporting small businesses like ours. Our menu may be small but you can be assured it will always be fresh. You may be wondering how we plan to safely and reliably serve gluten-free and gluten-free foods. The simple answer is that all of our gluten-free cakes and breads come from a local gluten-free bakery.

Why River Cale Cafe? Looking into the history of Wincanton, we were pleasantly surprised to find that in the Domesday Book the town’s name was spelled “Wincaleton”, meant to mean “Pleasant Town on the Cale”. When thinking of a name for our cafe we ​​wanted to include some history, so being located very close to the river it quickly became one of our favourites.

Service counter at the River Cale Cafe

Our café will be open from Tuesday to Sunday serving breakfast, coffee, lunch and delicious cakes. Why have we decided to be closed on Mondays? We are a family of three and need this day to spend some quality time together.

We also have Mini Town Play upstairs where all children are welcome to come and play with the toys and costumes. There will be four game sessions each day.

We opened our doors for the first time on Sunday 18e September at 10 a.m. with bouncy castles for the little ones.

Visit us on Facebook and instagram @rivercalecafé.

River Cale Cafe, Cale Park, Wincanton, interior

Mini Town Play at River Cale Cafe, Cale Park, Wincanton (1)

Mini Town Play at River Cale Cafe, Cale Park, Wincanton (2)


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