The Untold Truth of Keke’s Breakfast Coffee


When Keith and Kevin Mahen decided to start Keke’s Breakfast Cafe, they already had years (around 20, according to FSR magazine) of work experience – albeit in an industry that had nothing to do with omelettes. paninis, cheesesteak paninis and Buffalo chicken wraps. that Keke is known for. The brothers were, in fact, in the mortgage business.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the brothers had operated seven other business ventures in mortgages, land development and title companies, before boldly launching a restaurant business. According to FSR Magazine, the brothers had moved into the restaurant industry after anticipating a change in the mortgage market. The discussion went something like this: “Keith said, ‘Let’s get into the breakfast business.’ And I said, ‘What do we know?’ […] He said, ‘The same thing we knew about the mortgage industry 20 years ago,'” Kevin Mahen told the magazine.

Clearly, the sibling duo take less time to make key life decisions than some of us take to settle for a topping of pizza. Even their decision to uproot their life from Pennsylvania and move to Florida happened during a casual conversation, which went like this: Kevin told Keith (while they were still in Pennsylvania at the head of the mortgage company) that he was tired of shoveling snow. Keith suggested they move to Florida and open a restaurant (via Orlando Business Journal). So they did – as easy as flipping a pancake.


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