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With the dream of pioneering a health revolution, UnCafe embodies conscious food experiences. Located in Green Park, the restaurant has begun its journey to provide delicious farm-to-table meals using fresh, quality ingredients sourced from local farms in the NCR of Delhi.

Their vegetarian-only menu is healthy yet nutritious, and made with real, hydroponically grown produce. It offers a thoughtful selection of hearty bowls, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and more. With the aim of contributing to a healthy ecosystem, UnCafe makes healthy food delicious and accessible.

Cafe interiors are understated and inspired by nature

The restaurant is the brainchild of Riti Gupta and Sanskriti Gupta, as the co-founders felt a gap between healthy eating and lifestyle choice. At UnCafe, the vision is to consistently provide a space that allows one to step into the tasteful decor of soft yet vibrant colors, to enjoy delicious food that doesn’t require waiting for a cheat day.

“Our journey began with one question – good food can fill you up, but can it complete you?” And while searching for an answer; we came across UnCafe. We knew that small steps taken together can make huge changes and Uncafe is about taking such steps,” say co-founders Riti Gupta and Sanskriti Gupta.

UnCafe follows a farm-to-table concept, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients
UnCafe follows a farm-to-table concept, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients

Thanks to the unique concept of “Build your own bowl” in its menu, Uncafe emphasizes breaking with the notion of boring healthy foods. It allows you to combine your choice of proteins with fresh vegetable garnishes. Premium toppings like avocado, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized walnuts, flattened chickpeas add texture and crunch to the bowl. It can be topped with unique homemade dressings like kimchi, maple chili dressing, garlic aioli, etc. to make it tastier. Without compromising on taste or palate, they deliver premium dining experiences through satisfying meals.

Giving old-school recipes a healthy, modern twist, the “Korean salad bowl” makes you unlearn the rice you had before with the goodness of black and red rice mixed with fresh produce with euphoric kimchi on the side. ‘Yum Woon Sen’ is peanut and sweet chilli glass noodles with unparalleled taste. Recreating every delicious dish in a healthier way, the ‘Smash and Toast’ is an explosion of avocado goodness in every bite.

Uncafe recently opened its restaurant in Green Park, New Delhi and launched a cloud kitchen in Gurugram.

Location: Green Park Ext Market, South Delhi.

Schedule : 11.30am-9pm


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