This creative entrepreneur offers India’s first ‘Time Cafe’ and provides a platform for people to connect informally


Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere elseA strong believer in this quote, Vandita Purohit is a modern-day female entrepreneur and mother of two who has consistently worked to build creative, community-driven businesses.

Born and raised in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, Vandita started her entrepreneurial journey in Pune in 2009. Her endless passion to do things differently led her to create a one-of-a-kind business born during the pandemic – ‘Mauji Time Cafe’. Based on the Russian Anti Cafe concept, Mauji is India’s largest Time Cafe and Pune’s first.

Community Development Assistance

Nestled in the picturesque lanes of Bhosale Nagar, spread over a 5,500 square foot bungalow and surrounded by lush greenery, this Indo-Bohemian cafe is a haven that exudes creativity with a natural affinity. Mauji Cafe is beautifully nestled in a sprawling two-story bungalow, and every little element there is conversation-starting.

Time Cafe or Anti Cafe is a concept where you pay for time, and it has been around for quite some time. At Mauji, we try to break the stereotype of cafes, where you have to eat or drink something to sit down. Here you pay for the time you spend here while your drinks are at home “unlimited”“, said Vandita Purohit The Logical Indian.

The cafe hosts many events such as monthly business showers, open mics, game nights, music concerts, Pan-Chai-yat (new), food parties, chip parties, and more. These events, Vandita said, are a great platform for individuals to come together, showcase their work, find new clients, share experiences and have a good time.

We believe our space can offer more than coffee and food; it can be a great platform for people to connect informally. We also help many new businesses market their products to Mauji, free of charge. We just want to support them in any way we can,” she says.

Strong-willed, ambitious and intentional by nature, Vandita could not be prevented, even by the national lockdown, from achieving her dreams. Mauji café is a space entirely built during the first confinement.

While the first lockdown was about building, the second offered innovative ways to sustain, and I’m glad we succeeded.“, says Vandita as she completes each challenge throughout her exit from the park.

His mantra for success is to have a big vision, break it down into smaller steps, and get there by taking two steps at a time. She is now looking to expand the business to eight new locations across India.

Owner of other creative startups

Prior to Mauji Café, Vandita was part of several startups and companies, which helped her gain the desired experience to accelerate her entrepreneurial journey.

After gaining experience in different fields, Vandita founded her travel startup, TraWork in 2017. Beginning with the intention of fueling her love for travel, the company quickly grew into a full fledged startup organizing international jobs before the desktop was even a thing, making it one of his successful ventures. TraWork is a Work-Travel initiative that gives people a platform to travel and work around the world. It is aimed at all those who can or wish to work remotely. It takes people to unique places leading them to Travel-Work-Explore-Experience and meet like-minded people.

Throughout her journey, Vandita’s family has been her greatest strength and biggest support system. During her travels around the world, Vandita gained insights into creative spaces and community building, which led her to conceptualize the idea of ​​the Mauji Time Cafe. Although TraWork had to be put in the back seat due to the lockdown, that didn’t deter Vandita from creating and exploring new avenues. On the contrary, she took the pandemic as an opportunity to work her passion for design and spaces with Mauji Cafe and built this space of art, greenery and community where everyone is welcome.

The entrepreneur plans to take his work to different parts of the world, build a strong team of creative thinkers, designers, and creators, and create an ecosystem of creative minds. To do so, she is now seeking nearly $1 million in equity and debt financing for Mauji. These funds will be used for its expansion in eight Indian cities, as well as for technological advancements and F&B capacity building. Meanwhile, Mauji is also preparing for an international location.

Driven by her love for all things creative, Vandita also started another company, a furniture and design startup – Kalapentry, with her friend Shivani. The idea behind this is to renovate, refurbish and recycle old furniture to create a bespoke, suitable and sustainable line of furniture and home decor. Just three months after the second lockdown in 2021, Vandita and her partner held their first furniture yard sale in Mauji, attracting many customers.

Each of Vandita’s businesses thrives on creativity and community building, and her continuous efforts have always motivated her to keep moving forward and achieving her dreams.

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