This Gujarat cafe offers food in exchange for plastic


Prakrutik Plastic Cafe was inaugurated in Junagadh of Gujarat by the district administration, where plastic is accepted instead of cash as payment. As food companies race to find alternatives to single-use plastic, Junagadh has offered some inspiring ideas for reducing plastic waste.

People can order different foods and drinks from the menu using the household plastic they bring, depending on their weight. A company hired by the district administration will buy the garbage.

Plastic payment!

The cafe menu will feature a wide selection of dishes including many traditional Gujarati dishes like Sev Tameta, Baingan Bharta and Thepla. A few healthy meals made from rose, figs, bel leaves and betel leaves are also available at the cafe. The dishes will also be served in clay utensils and local products.

Junagadh Collector Rachit Raj said, “Our goal is to promote a clean and green Junagadh. To start, we will exchange 500 grams of plastic waste for a glass of lemon or fennel juice and one kilogram of plastic waste for a plate of dhokla or poha. The bigger the tray, the more plastic waste there is.”

Cafe run by a women’s group – ‘Sarvoday Sakhi Mandal’

Gender norms have forced women into kitchens throughout history, where they have been given cutting boards and spatulas. Despite this, women-owned food businesses have had to fight for recognition in the culinary world, The Print reported.

Seeing women at the top of any corporate endeavor is always a pleasure. “Sarvoday Sakhi Mandal”, a group of women, will manage this cafe. The government provided the infrastructure. Yet it will be administered and managed by this group of women who have teamed up with local farmers to obtain the organic ingredients. They also donated Rs 50,000 to the coffee foundation.

Single-use plastic ban Important

According to the data, India produces 3.5 million tons of plastic waste annually. The government has banned single-use plastic in response to the pollution caused by plastic. On July 1, some single-use plastic products with little use and high litter potential were no longer produced, imported, stored, distributed, sold or used, The Times of India reported.

The use of plastic has a terrible effect on marine and terrestrial species. A critical first step to ensuring the sustainability of our planet is to ban single-use plastic. We all need to stop using single-use plastic and look for alternatives like this coffee as much as possible to help improve the planet.

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