This might be New Jersey’s only Cave themed cafe in Edgewater NJ


“Yabba Dabba Delicious” If you’ve ever wanted to channel the inside of Fred Flintstone, then you definitely want to check this place out. I don’t know about you, but I love unique and eclectic places to eat. Restaurants and cafes with just a different and unique look.

I can’t officially confirm, but this may be the only “cave” themed cafe in New Jersey lol. It has a very unique look and I definitely have this cave on my restaurant list. It helps that it’s here in New Jersey.

This kind of “Jurassic Park” like restaurant is located in Bergen County in Edgewater New Jersey. the Archetype Coffee is a really unique restaurant, as you can see from the outside, it’s a chance to dine in a cave lol right across from Manhattan lol.

New Jersey’s Most Unique Restaurants

I already think I want to make a reservation and see this place up close.

Not only does this place look very cool, but the menu looks like “Yabba Dabba Delicious”. All kinds of unique dishes and desserts and very tasty coffee. Desserts like “Dark Desire” which is a hot chocolate cake with dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream, Nutella and crushed toffee. “Devil Love” which is a hot cocoa cake with dulce de leche and chocolate ice cream with chipotle fudge. Yes, I’m still hungry writing this. By the way, there are also main course selections, including Middle Eastern dishes like Lahmajun and Chicken Gyro. Also a great selection of coffee and tea selections.

Unique coffee in America

So if you want to be a “cave person” for a night of a million year journey, you should visit Cafe Archetypus in Edgewater, New Jersey.

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