This new cafe in Punggol serves everything sourdough, from bread to pizza, pasta and more

Sourdough isn’t new to us, but a café serving only sourdough dishes might be 😱 The founder, Anna, behind your favorite comfort food restaurant, The Soup Spoon, opened a new cafe in Punggol, called Anna’s, with a menu surrounding the moist, earthy sourdough – think beyond the bread (yup, drinks included 😱). Although the opening date has not yet been finalized, we give you a preview of what you can expect to try soon!
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Interior frame. Credit: Anna’s
The cafe is located in Oasis Terrace, making it a great spot for a post-workout pick-me-up or a quiet brunch. The patio in particular offers great views of the lush green surroundings, including hydroponic planters growing edibles and herbs like mint, basil, dill and rosemary which will be used in drinks, pasta, pizza and other dishes from Anna’s menu 🤩 The idea of ​​making all things sourdough was born during the pandemic; her growing passion for doing so even prompted her to take a diploma course in sourdough nutrition and digestibility at The Sourdough School in 2021.

Proofing room.Credit: Anna’s
All sourdough breads are baked daily with freshly ground flour! Then it is placed in a slow fermentation room where up to 800 sourdough loaves can be seen as they mature via a glass wall. All bread and pastry doughs, as well as cake doughs at Anna’s are slowly proofed for at least 16 hours before baking. This allows time for the sourdough microflora to work its magic for better digestibility and health benefits, while allowing each product to develop its full flavor and texture. Delicious and healthy too? Count on us! 😋

Credit: Anna’s
There are plenty of things on the menu that are sure to make your mouth water (and add to that indecision 🤭). For starters, if you’re here simply for the gorgeous, gorgeous bread. Try Anna’s homemade sourdough made with a homemade botanical blend of over 10 ancient plants and grains, and the classic 100% whole wheat, plus flavored breads such as homemade kimcheese (a delicious classic grilled cheese with the powerful flavorful goodness of Korean kimchi) and chocolate rye. Or opt for the Sourdough focaccia of the daymade with tomato, garlic and served with a homemade basil pesto 😍

Credit: Anna’s
Here’s the all-sourdough menu we mentioned earlier: if you’re not sure what to try, choose the founder’s personal favorite – the Crab pizza and sourdough mozzarella. On a sourdough base, kaffir lime aioli, mango, chilli, crabmeat, mozzarella cheese and cilantro are spread throughout for an almost supernatural explosion of flavors 😍 If you love food spicy, the Aglio Olio with Prawns from the Red Sea is right up your alley 😋 Made with fresh sourdough pasta, padi chili and prawns are blended together for the comforting, heavenly flavor we love. For something more docile, the Sourdough gnocchi with purple sweet potatoes could be your new favorite pasta dish, ever.

Credit: Anna’s
If you think the sourdough train stops here, you’d be wrong: there are also sourdough sweets and pastries, made with 100% wholemeal spelled flour, honey, jaggery sugar, dark brown sugar and a sourdough entrée. Go into Sourdough bombolinis filled with lemon and passion fruit pastry cream 🤤 If you fancy something delicious, go for Rye pudding with chocolate and sourdough cherries. Pair your sweet treats with specialty coffee roasted exclusively for Anna’s – a dark roast blend from Colombia, Brazil, Sumatra and Guatemala with hints of chocolate and cherry, designed to complement the robust flavors of sourdough! Yes, there is even sourdough in their drinks! The DinnerSmoothies include sourdough starter to help prevent bloating! There are also other dishes on the menu – so head there soon to check it out for yourselves 😍 Hearty and healthy from start to finish – it’s hard to find a cafe like this! If you’ve fallen in love with sourdough even more after your foodie journey at Anna’s, there’s a retail section at the store that sells sourdough baskets, cultured butter with probiotics and homemade sauces, recipe books on sourdough baked goods, as well as The Soup Spoon’s retail soup packs to take home.

Credit: Anna’s
The 12 grain silo dispensers will definitely catch your eye when you enter the retail section. Imported from Germany, each one is filled with a different ancient grain or dried botanicals like spelled berries, rye berries, rosebuds, hibiscus flowers, buckwheat groats, flax seeds, quinoa and lentils. You can take their choice of grains and herbs and bring them home freshly ground 😌 It’s really rare to see such coffee let alone halal coffee in Singapore so you definitely have to visit Anna’s and dig into dishes so hearty but healthy! 😋 We contacted the cafe to inquire about their halal status, and they told us that Anna is currently in the process of receiving their halal certification from MUIS. In the meantime, all food and beverages meet the standards necessary to be halal. We will let you know the opening date once we have more information available to us. For now, get those bellies ready and jump on the sourdough bandwagon at Anna’s soon! 😍
Halal status: Anna’s is currently in the process of receiving its halal certification from MUIS. In the meantime, all food and beverages meet the standards necessary to be halal. We still advise you to dine with discretion.
: 681 Punggol Drive, #01-04, Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681
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