This Royal Enfield Cafe Racer is actually a Bajaj Pulsar


The trend of converting regular bikes to premium bikes in the aftermarket is really accelerating and this latest iteration shows just how far that trend has come.

A Royal Enfield Cafe Racer was developed from a Bajaj Pulsar shown in this video. You’d be forgiven for not instantly recognizing the donor model. The modification was done quite professionally and the new model gives no indication of the stock bike underneath. Now, BMW made the Cafe Racer genre pretty famous and aftermarket bike modification houses have been trying to replicate it ever since. Finally, we have a product that looks identical to the current Cafe Racer.

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Royal Enfield Cafe Racer or Bajaj Pulsar

The finished motorcycle carries all of the mandatory design elements of the RE Cafe Racer. Most important is the massive 190 section rear tire, sleek custom frame, single seat setup, locking handle unit was borrowed from KTM, inverted mirrors and clip-on handlebars are also taken from KTM, the Sleek LED The rounded headlight unit is something you must have seen on some high end bikes like the Harley Davidson, the instrument cluster is also fitted to the top of the headlight, the gauges are custom designed, the refits -feet are taken from Yamaha R15 to allow the rider a slender look typical of Cafe Racers.

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The alloy rims are painted in golden color with stylish black stickers on the rim to give it a sporty look while driving, the front wheel has a double brake disc installed on sports bikes, the black tire cover also has looks classy, ​​the fuel tank is quite muscular with body graphics, the license plate has been mounted to the side, there is side engine protection, the rear section is made to have the Looks modern with a sleek LED brake light integrated into the frame, the tailpipe is compact yet sporty and the black and gold color theme accentuates the sportiness.

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Royal Enfield Cafe Racer based on Bajaj Pulsar.

The engine hasn’t been changed and the rear has a monoshock absorber, there’s a slightly modified suspension system, and there won’t be a huge difference in performance. The changes to this Royal Enfield Cafe Racer from the original Bajaj Pulsar are cosmetic in nature only.

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