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Chickenbill’s Cafe is back at the Touchet Valley Golf Course in Dayton after a year-long hiatus, and loyal customers are coming back for old and new menu items.

March 31 was the soft opening for the restaurant, which will operate during the golf season at the Columbia County-owned course from April 1 through October 31, then close during the winter months.

Bill and Teresa Ayotte pose at the Chickenbills’ Cafe at Touchet Valley Golf Course in Dayton, Saturday morning, April 16, 2022.

Owners Bill and Teresa Ayotte ran Chickenbill’s on the golf course beginning in 2018, but struggled to maintain the restaurant during the COVID-19 closures which Bill Ayotte said “devastated” their business.

Blazing Burgers took over the golf course’s catering service for the 2021 season but was unable to return for this year.

The Ayottes have been able to come to terms with the Touchet Valley Golf and Recreation group which oversees the golf course and are grateful to see a return of past customers to welcome them back.

Bill Ayotte said they had a good local clientele and it was nice to see many familiar faces returning to the restaurant.

“We really love what we do,” he said. “We are basically a ma and pop shop that does home cooking.”

With the restaurant open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., this homemade cuisine is available on both the breakfast and lunch menus.

Bill Ayotte said they focus on using quality produce and described the bacon cuts as ‘thick and juicy’, sausages big and plump, crispy hash browns and cream buns gentle.

Chickenbill’s also serves Carolyn Café cinnamon rolls, which are made in Dayton and loved by small-town residents, according to Bill Ayotte.

House specialties for lunch include grilled and smoked pork, beef brisket and chicken wings with different choices of sauces such as hot, sweet and standard barbecue.

The burgers and chicken burgers come with homemade coleslaw, potato salad and macaroni salad, all prepared by Teresa Ayotte. Fries are not offered.

Chicken fried steak is also a very popular dish that many customers have returned for, Bill Ayotte said.

Chickenbill’s has also partnered with Eckler Mountain Bison to add bison burgers to the menu. Eckler Mountain Bison is a locally owned bison ranch outside of Dayton.

“We handcraft our bison burgers which cook very lean and taste a little sweeter than a beef burger,” said Bill Ayotte. “We love being able to work with Eckler and bring local products to our customers.”

Bison meat is lower in fat, lower in calories and higher in protein than chicken and salmon.

Chickenbill’s Cafe at Touchet Valley Golf Course in Dayton, Saturday morning, April 16, 2022.

Les Ayottes also manage the golf club house which is connected to the restaurant, collects green fees and welcomes golfers.

Bill Ayotte said he hopes any success from Chickenbill will help Dayton grow and give people a reason to make the town a travel destination.


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